Sunday, 13 May 2012


The first three dimensional nail kit of it's kind!

No it's NOT real caviar...but they're really cute miniscule beads/pearls that give your nails a sophisticated glam look!

Rainbow, Mother of Pearl & Black Pearls


I bought the Rainbow kit from Selfridges after being attracted to the fun colours. The salesgirl said that it should last for 48 hours though I was in doubt.

So today I put it to the test!

Do excuse my short nails, I am in need of a proper manicure!

I was in a bit of a rush putting them on this morning, but I did the best I could to try to keep the pearls intact throughout the day.
Throughout the day I felt pearls dropping off my nails! - but didn't really care as I was too busy taking off my clothes...

in the changing room!

tut tut...

Yes note to self - it's not a good idea putting on delicate pearls on your nails when clothes shopping is involved! I've got some dresses for my brother's wedding now - just needs some alterations and the belle will be ready for the ball.

There are now empty patches on my nails where the pearls have dropped off, but it was all worth it after a successful shopping day!

The pearls are easy enough to sprinkle on - a plastic tray is provided in the kit as well as a tiny funnel to pour the extra pearls back into the pot.
I may try putting on more layers of gloopy nail varnish as the base for a better hold - and maybe cheat with a top coat on the pearls to hold them down...

Nonetheless, I'm still very satisfied with my purchase - the Rainbow and Black Pearls kits are now SOLD OUT online!
I'm glad I got mine just in time x

The currently do not sell the pearls separately so you would have to buy the whole kit to get them.

I may do my own DIY version of this sometime soon.

Watch this space x

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