Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I've always had an obsession for blazers if anyone has ever peeked into my wardrobe. Lately this love has become even HUGE-r as I ditch my wooly thick coats to welcome spring/summer! Which is taking quite a while to arrive...
Below are my current favourite picks that I have my eyes on...

Zara Frayed Blazer 49.99 GBP

Zara Jacquard Blazer with Zips 69.99 GBP

Zara Leather Jacket 149.00 GBP

Mango Metallic Yarn Jacket 69.99 GBP

Mango Polka-dot Blazer 39.99 GBP

ASOS Cute Shoulder Blazer 50.00 GBP

Ted Baker Rosebud Jacket 129.00 GBP

Oasis Frill Jacket 65.00 GBP

Maison Scotch Jacket Multi Yarn Knit 160.00 GBP

Sessun Boxy Jacket in Quilted Cotton 150.00 GBP

And all reasonably priced below 200.00 GBP ;) some a bit cheaper than the rest but look equally as beautiful and flattering.

I got a couple during the weekend (not pictured here) - one which I had to defend from the clutches of some rather persistent women! I got an XS and one woman wanted to try it on despite not being able to buy it - she picked it up glanced at it and said it was too small...oh wait I meant TOO BIG for her, mind you she was probably double my size and too shy to admit it ha! 
I can't seem to find it on the website as it may have sold out, but I'll be sure to post it in one of my future posts x


  1. that first jacket is amazin

    1. yea, i'm going to see how long i can resist the temptation to buy it :D

  2. love jacket !!i'm following your blog!!!!if you like mine,do the same!!!kiss!!

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