Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Here's a foodie review, because I just LOVE trying new places (and eating in general).

My and my friend had dinner at Wembley Tandoori on a Sunday, situated in the heart of Wembley and located under the iconic Wembley Stadium arches. The place was quite empty with only a couple of tables occupied. We were seated towards the back of the restaurant - the place looked newly refurbished and tidy.

For drinks we both order the mango lassi served in tall glasses - it was really thick and tasty (and filling!)

We ordered a few dishes to share. Whilst we waited for our food we were served some complimentary papadum with some sauces.

Classic lamb momo: Marinated stuffing wrapped in white dough dumplings steamed cooked

Garlic naan bread

Kurilo Khukura: Chicken cooked with Nepalese spices with asparagus served with a white pepper sauce and saffron sauce

Himalayan thukpa: chicken, lamb, or vegetables noodles cooked in a thick broth seasoned with fresh herb and spices.

All the food was served steaming hot! Even the plates and cutlery were nice and warm. The curry had a bit of a sour taste to it and wasn't too rich. This was my first time trying nepalese dumplings and noodles outside of a chinese restaurant, and I loved it!

At the end of dinner we were both so full we couldn't finish our mango lassi. We asked for the leftover food to be packed into takeway boxes to take home but unfortunately they didn't have takeaway cups and we had to abandon our drinks.
The meal cost us both about 30 pounds in total which is pretty much the average price at a restaurant.
Service was really good and the waiters were polite at all times.
I would recommend a visit and may probably pop in again sometime the next time I am in Wembley

- Food makes the world go round -

133 WEMBLEY PARK DRIVE, LONDON, HA9 8HQ   TELEPHONE: 0208 900 9485 | 0208 902 2243

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