Thursday, 31 May 2012


One of the great things about coming back home is being able to see my lovely dogs!

Evan - a stray puppy that me and dad found outside a temple 10-ish years ago

Ethan - daddy found him as a stray puppy (2-ish years ago) crying for help in a drain, so we adopted him!

The simple life

Just slipped on my brother's enormous shoes - because I couldn't find any slippers (!)

All 3 dogs that I have were strays that we adopted off the streets, not those fancy pedigree ones. I did have a schnauzer before but he passed away a couple of years ago. But every dog is unique as just as lovable as the rest.
I would love to get an Akita or husky someday...or a St. Bernard!

Here's more doggy love in the rest of the family.




You can probably tell I'm not much of a cat person.

Can't wait until I get a place of my own - if anyone's having trouble with ideas for gifts, a puppy is at the top of my wishlist!



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  3. Olá bom dia!Adorei seu blog bjs.

  4. oh such a lovely post!!

    kisses and have a great weekend

  5. oh such a cutie!
    kisses and have a great weekend

  6. omG! That;s too many dogs fot just one person! lol
    I can barely take care of my maltese!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    let me know on my blog!

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  8. hahaha so lovely dogs!!!!!!!!!
    love this post!

    xxx Ros.e.

  9. So many adorable dogs!!! In Korea, there are "dog cafes" where you can go and pet all the dogs who occupy "the cafe." It's a fun place to go and pet a whole bunch of cute dogs.
    I hope to get a dog soon myself :)


  10. cool outfits, I really like your skirt! would you like to follow us each other? I can also follow you on twitter and bloglovin!

  11. Dogs are so cute :)