Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Ok, so one of my main beauty concerns has always been dark circles under my eyes. So I'm always game to try any new product which could possibly miraculously get rid of them. I saw this product on promotion at Boots for £8.74 (original RRP £17.49) so decided to give it a go. It claims to be a complete eye care system to combat crow's feet, dark circles and bags in 2 steps - step 1 smooth the cream onto the under-eye and eye-lid area until absorbed, then step 2 massage the under-eye area with the gentle micro-vibration tool, simple enough.

I've used for about a week now...the results?
Well, like any other product I wasn't expecting miracles to happen unless the product was so technologically and scientifically advanced enough to cost me an arm and a leg.
What I can say about the product is that the cream is not too greasy and easily absorbs into the skin, leaving it nice and supple. It didn't irritate my eyes as I have read from other reviews. The vibration tool, well, I suppose some might take it as a convenience tool to replace finger tapping and massaging the eye area. The product recommends 2-3 seconds in each spot. Maybe if you left it on longer you might increase circulation benefits?? Hmm...I'm still in doubt. I also do wonder what would I do when the battery runs out? May have to go back to finger tapping...

Anyway at the promotional price it's not a bad investment for a daily eye cream. The skin does feel smoother after application which helps me prior to putting on my layers of eye concealer.
I've been using Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair for quite a while now which I would recommend to use as well.
I'm still in search for the Holy Grail for dark circles.
What's your miracle eye cream?

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