Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I received an email a couple of days ago informing me that I had received a free ticket to this event -  one of the many online competitions that I submitted, something is better than nothing!

The event was to promote the Millennium Promise Collection. Had a couple of cocktails, some canapes, and had to wait 1.5 hours for the raffle draw - the prize was a red bag worth 300 pounds and a 200 pound voucher, who wouldn't take the chance!

A nice chilled evening, would have been nice if I had won though! It was some guy who won - his lucky wife must be overjoyed. My entry was probably buried under the pile...oh well.

Some good did come out of the evening though - I met a couple of lovely ladies, Mei & Janice. AND who would possibly leave without a goody bag - got a Marie Claire magazine, a Tommy Hilfiger red belt, a bracelet and a reusable shopping bag (?!).

I'm flying home tomorrow, and my luggage is only half packed! Yes, very disorganized these days, then again spontaneity is good isn't it? 

I'll probably be in Malaysia when you hear from me in my next post. For those in the UK hope you all enjoy the warm summer sun which has finally arrived!
I'll be heading to much hotter climate but I do hope the weather is still good when I am back.

SO hot and exhausted right now after having to take a zig-zag route finding my way home - Jubilee line suspended grrr. Time to get re-energized for a long flight tomorrow!

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