Monday, 30 April 2012


Yes there is actually some hope in finding good food in Kilburn. Angeles is located just a stones throw away from Kilburn Underground Station. It has two separate sections - to the left for the typical nasty "gweilo" chinese buffet, and then you have to the right for the real stuff!

We ordered two dishes to share. The first was shredded potatoes stir fried in chilli and vinegar - it was really tasty and appetizing. The second was the chicken cooked in typical szechuan cooking style - soaked in yummy, tongue-numbing chilli oil! It's SO unhealthy yet so irresistible! 
My only comfort is that I have found a new gym to burn off the calories. 

The prices for the dishes were ok, I only found the price of plain rice a bit absurd - 2.50 pounds per portion?! I'll bring my own rice cooker next time...x


No...I haven't started talking gibberish. 
This is just a short foodie review about Pasibrzuch - a small polish restaurant that me and my friend visited during dinner on Saturday.
For drinks we both order tea with rum (!) - always a first time for everything. 
We shared a soup dish, unfortunately I can't remember what it was called, I blame the rum in my tea. But it was really tasty!

For our mains, we ordered the mixed dumplings and a steak dish. The dumplings had various fillings of potato, meat, veg...all sorts which went well with the garnish. It was really filling as the skin was quite thick. The steak dish was super rich - covered in creamy mushroom cheese sauce and served with mash potatoes and a side salad.

The restaurant itself is quite small but had a nice cosy ambience. The waitress was also very helpful and polite. 
Overall a good experience - there's a good selection of food to choose from which are reasonably priced. Just remember to go on an empty stomach x

Monday, 23 April 2012


My little ensemble from Sunday - a combination of nautical stripes and brights.

Zara skirt, Forever 21 top, H&M jacket

Spent the day at Camden - had a quick lunch then off to the shops!

And ended the day with dinner at Busaba Eathai, Panton Street. We both opted for the Tom yam talay, and shared some pandan chicken. For my drink I had the Lemongrass tea, which was served with a couple of cashew and coconut cookies.
I was disappointed with the Tom yam talay - the soup was bland and the portion size a bit smaller than I expected. Service was fast at the beginning but then it took ages just to get the bill sorted...and we also had to point out to the waiter that he had short-changed us. Might stick to wok noodles in future.

Have a lovely rainy week ahead x

Busaba Eathai, 33 Panton Street, London SW1Y 4EA 020 7930 0088

Saturday, 21 April 2012


We decided to try out this Parisian restaurant which is apparently a rather sought after place to eat situated on Marylebone Lane. They have a no reservations policy hence you would often expect to see a queue of people lining up outside, especially during peak hours. We arrived approximately 15 minutes before it opened and even then there was already a queue going round the corner.

Luckily we managed to get seated when they opened - I pity the people having to wait outside in the cold, and even when it rained they still persevered under their umbrellas. Food really has a powerful force.
The whole place filled up within minutes of opening and the waitresses started piling out the food for hungry customers.

They only serve one dish here - a green salad with walnuts dressed with mustard vinaigrette followed by steak frites, served with a secret recipe sauce. 

The salad was fresh and evenly dressed in the vinaigrette.
After the starter, the steak and fries were served in two portions to enable customers to enjoy their meals while it's hot. My steak was medium - the sauce was lovely and I did wish that I could just drizzle it all over my fries which were a bit dry. 

To finish off the meal I ordered the creme brulee whilst Zhi Ling order le gateau. 

The creme brulee was smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness, whilst the gateau was really chocolatey and rich - would have been amazing if it were served with ice cream.

Ambience was very relaxed and casual and the service by the waitresses was prompt and efficient.

Overall, it was a nice experience, but it's probably not one of those places that I would frequent on a regular basis. I'd recommend to go just for the experience but to be honest I believe you would probably get much more for your money at other restaurants. 

More foodie reviews to come x


Yes, I have officially survived my first week at my new job in London!
I've been MIA for a week now because of my odd work shifts that has drained the energy out of me, but I will get used to it soon enough.
It's been quite a calm yet stressful week since I moved - lugging a van full of my personal belongings from Leeds and frantically hunting for accommodation. 

I also got LOST after my first late night shift at work - having to jump on 4 different buses just to find my way home taking 1.5 hours! Had to wait at some dodgy-looking part of town as I suspiciously eyed passer-bys, shivering my legs off at the bus-stop. Wandering along dark streets in an unfamiliar part of town was definitely not fun. I arrived home past midnight cold and tired and jumped into bed to make the most of my 4 hours of sleep before my next shift. I'm sticking to the underground for now. My oyster credit is rapidly diminishing...

I've also been viewing some places to live, I can't believe how some people can survive living in such tiny box rooms at exorbitant prices! I call it daylight robbery but I guess that's the price you have to pay if you want to live in the city. 

Most of my stuff is currently in storage, so I have a limited amount of things to wear. I have been surviving on wearing a single pair of shoes (!)

I've met a lovely new friend - Penang people just have this natural chemistry to click with each other ;)

It's been a rather dull week filled with work and boring stuff so apologies for the lack of pictures. More interesting stuff coming soon x

Friday, 13 April 2012


I've had a week of rather unhealthy eating with all this moving going on. Partly because I've packed away all my cooking materials and utensils, and all this scurrying around just makes me hungry. Oh who am I kidding, I'm always hungry! And stress makes me eat even more.
Some of it could possibly be counted as healthy, but in this post I'm mainly classifying unhealthy as eating pre-packed/takeaway food as opposed to my usual home-cooked food.

I'm determined to get back to gym and home-cooking once I've settled down in London.
Till then I have the excuse to indulge a bit ;)

This isn't me...really

Thursday, 12 April 2012


T.k.maxx are collecting clothes for Cancer Research! This charity runs from 1st - 30th April 2012. So if you've got any unwanted clothes in good condition you can just pop by a store, grab some free bags and just drop them off once you've filled them.

charity trip 1
First round-up of clothes to donate

Second round!

Yes, I actually made not one but TWO trips on foot carrying these bags to T.k.maxx, which according to Google Maps each trip is approximately a distance of 0.5 miles each way. My arms and legs have definitely had a proper workout today.

I'm sure if I had more time (and manpower) I would have filled more bags, but guess there's lots of other charities to spread my stuff around next time.

And just another random incident, after getting conned off one pound (!) for my chicken rice yesterday (I was too timid and polite to argue), today a Chinese man paid for my one pound pack of kitchen towels, as a token of gratitude for letting him pay his stuff with mine. Looks like what goes around comes around.

And feeling rather generous I gave it to this guy playing the cello on the streets. 

I was a bit too shy to take a photo up close, but as you can see for yourselves he was pretty easy on the eyes ;) I mean, who doesn't love a budding musician? 


Monday, 9 April 2012


Yes it's that time again when I leave it to the last minute to rush and list my stuff on eBay with hopes of earning back some cash. Unfortunately this time I can't list as much stuff as I used to because I have packed most of my things away into boxes! And sales haven't been as good in the last few listings. eBay can be handy at times, depending how much time you have to spare: taking photos, creating listings, packing and posting items, AND getting some percentage of your profits deducted in the end! Yes, they take your money to list AND they also take your money if you are successful in selling something. And postage prices have increased like everything has in the world. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there...

Hmm...not quite what I had in mind

I've recently reached my 500 purple star icon with 100% feedback - a good record always helps sales. Free listing weekend has been extended to 4 days over the easter weekend. I'm feeling a bit too poorly and drained to put much effort into it this time...looks like I'll be carrying more baggage along with me than expected...and continue when I have moved to London.

For those of you who are ebayers yourselves, you have a few more hours til midnight to list for free! 
I'm going to be heading to bed early today because I feel feverish, like I'm coming down with a the flu...
Have a good week ahead x


As you may have guessed, I'm back on the road (or rather tracks) again, heading back to Leeds for possibly the last time - for now.
My Easter weekend in London hasn't been very exciting to talk about - I've unfortunately come down with a bit of the cold so I'm currently a rather unhappy bunny. 
I did some car-hunting with my aunt and uncle but it didn't turn out very fruitful. I'm looking for a reliable car that's fairly new, and because I've decided to get an automatic car my choices have been very limited. I know that I'm fully capable of driving a manual car but I don't really fancy putting unnecessary stress on my feet especially if I'm likely to be stuck in traffic when I drive into London for work. I still stick to my views that automatic cars are the way of the future!
It's going to be really different, I've gotten so used to living on my own (the lone ranger!) for the last couple of years. I'm going to miss having my own space when I move to London, but this will hopefully be a temporary thing.

Anyway, I got my aunt to drop me off at the station on the way to work, meaning I have loads of time to spare before my train departs. 
And for those who haven't seen the newly renovated wing at King's Cross, here's a quick snap. Looks pretty swanky don't you think.

I've been having hot cross buns for breakfast (and lunch) for the last couple of days (it is after all Easter!), so with my current state I treated myself to a hearty breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien at London St Pancras Station. King's Cross is only across the road anyway giving me plenty of time to dash over later.
I love doing foodie reviews. 
I was promptly seated when I arrived, I requested for a little side table so that I could eat (and blog) in peace. 

I ordered a macchiato and scrambled eggs with salmon on toast, and some orange juice as well. 

The eggs were nice and creamy, and the smoked salmon lovely as always, I found the skin on the bread a bit hard (?) maybe because it's organic?? hmm...
The macchiato was quite strong but it gave me the boost I needed. 

They use nothing but the finest ingredients —farm fresh produce, fragrant herbs, artisanal cheeses and, handmade organic breads (I've obviously taken this line from their website, but there you go!). The waiters were also really friendly and checked that  everything was ok when my food was served. I do find the coincidences quite intriguing that everytime waiters come and ask you how your food is, you always have your mouth stuffed with food and you have to bashfully nod in satisfaction (it's rude to talk with your mouth full). As much as I love fresh juice I have to remind myself in future to resist the temptation due to the obvious fact that I could probably get two (or even three) cartons with the price I paid for a single glass when eating in.
A healthy and satisfying meal to kick start the day before my 2.5 hour journey back to Leeds.

I'll hopefully come up with more interesting posts when I'm feeling a bit brighter and my brain is functioning properly. I've got the whole week off to sort out my packing and moving. Happy working to all those at work x

Friday, 6 April 2012


I'm currently blogging from the comfort of my seat in the non-congested East Coast First Class carriage - feeling a bit tired due to lack of sleep but I'm hoping the caffeine will kick in soon.

For those of you who don't already know, I've been successful in obtaining a new job in London, and I'll be moving out of Leeds in a weeks time! I can't believe I've lived in Leeds for almost 2 years now, a bit longer than I expected but I now feel ready to move on to new pastures. I'm feeling excited yet scared at the same time having to learn to adapt to a new environment - but over the years I think I've gotten used to living independently, so this will be another new adventure.

The moving process is as always stressful for me because I carry A LOT of baggage (literally). I've been busy sorting my bills, movers, dealing with my landlord, HR at the workplace - basically the whole package. I've got a few more meet-ups and goodbyes to say before I leave which I can hopefully squeeze in next week.

Anyway, stressful news aside, I'm off to London for easter weekend with the hope of finding a car as well - fingers crossed. If all goes well I should have another worry ticked off my list.

My comfy Tommy Hilfiger denim jeans and white French Connection top - casual chic, the perfect way to start the weekend

And not forgetting accessories!

The benefits of booking tickets in advance ;)

Blogging in comfort - complimentary food and free internet access! 

It's been a while since I booked a First Class ticket, but it's nice to travel in comfort every once in a while. The journey seems a bit bumpier than expected, I'm cautiously watching over my cup of coffee making sure it doesn't tip over onto my beautiful macbook.

The weather looks pretty good outside so far, lets hope it continues like this over the weekend. I've come prepared with my sunnies as well as my umbrella knowing how temperamental the weather can be.
I'll continue to keep everyone posted when I have arrived in London x

Thursday, 5 April 2012


It was my last day working in Dewsbury today. To be honest, I felt a bit emotional from the start of the week as my final day at work drew nearer. As I walked down the same familiar path to work I thought back about my first time walking down that road in the wee hours of the morning. 

These pictures taken today don't actually look too bad - you should have seen what it was like in winter! It's never fun walking in the dark.

It has been almost 8 months since I first started, and now I am ready to move forward in my career. How time flies.

As I walked into the pharmacy I was greeted by a lovely surprise leaving present from my work colleagues. I say surprised, but me and Richard really know what happened the day before *teehee* this will be our little secret.

This was my first real job since I qualified and the last few months have been a valuable experience. I have had my share of ups and downs, and each experience has helped to mould me to become a stronger person each day. My pharmacy team have been very supportive throughout my journey and I will definitely miss them very much. 

Me & Saira - didn't get to work long with her since she came back, but I'm sure we would have made a great team :)

Lovely Bernadatte, who's always been so caring and motherly :)

Team leader Tracy who started off in the department as clueless and naive as me, but we've always tried to make the best of everything

Me & Richard my morning shift buddy - I'm going to miss all our morning teatimes

The Rizla! - dispenser and technician-to-be. Keep those A's coming!

Esoop, our regular locum :)

I also got a leaving gift from my store manager. Despite a rather unfair and unsatisfactory end year review in my opinion, I am now determined to move on and start off fresh in my new job. I am however still grateful for whatever help and guidance he has given me and will take in the positives to help me continue to grow as a person.

It was a bit of a struggle carrying all my gifts home on the train! Thankfully dear Armando was kind enough to wait for me to finish work and help me out.

And last but not least, I couldn't miss out Armando who has been my faithful walking buddy to the train station!
 I'm feeling a mixture of joy and sadness at the moment - contented that I have managed to make a difference in my department despite my short time there, and now leaving to start a new job, and at the same time sad because I have grown attached to my work colleagues that I will sadly be leaving behind. 

Thus ends another chapter in my life, and as much as I'd hate to leave the good (and bad) memories behind, I must move on and follow where my heart takes me.
Thank you team Dewsbury, I miss you all so much already.