Wednesday, 31 October 2012


So today I have been a bit naughty...and skipped Spanish. Then again it was the last lesson of the course and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss out on much. It's been a good 5-week course and rather fun being the 'geeky-only-girl-in-the-class' ha x

I must say that my evening was 'well-spent' as I managed to tick another restaurant off my 'TO-DO' list!
Yes, I have a visual list in my mind of places I want to eat at - which seems to grow longer each time I read more reviews!
The goal of completing this list seems unlikely, yet I shall persevere.

We arrived early enough to be able to get a seat - approximately half an hour from queuing and waiting for our names to be called for a table, which was pretty reasonable.

The staff members were also kind enough to bring out some finger food (deep-fried onion rings/pickles) for us to munch on whilst waiting to enter the restaurant.
Upon entering I gave my name to the waiter before heading to the bar to order some drinks whilst we waited for a table to become available. 

Loved the grungy and dark interior decor - walls covered in graffiti, with super-loud rockabilly/hillbilly/garage playing in the background.  
Make sure you don't have a sore-throat as you'd probably have to shout across the table to have a conversation.

Yes, that would be pretty much how I would look naked - just 10x sexier haha x

We both ordered cocktails - Stacey had the Silver Angel (and a mojito later on) whilst I had...if I remember correctly it was called 'Time of the month'(???), or something along those lines! 
Anyway, it had strawberry in it, which I loved x
The price of the cocktails here are a bit more expensive, with an average price of 7.00 pounds.

For food, we both ordered the Mushroom Swiss burger and a portion of Phili Cheese Fries to share.
Good ol' devilish-ly greasy food - YUMMY.
The patties are made from 100% beef, topped with additions such as pickles, cheese, red onions, chilli or the secret 'dead hippie' sauce, and served in a glazed bun. 
The onion rings looked really tempting so I'll probably order them on my next visit!

Do not count the NOT count the calories...

Just look at those babies..and all that CHEESE...*drools*

Overall pretty good value for the meal, and service was pretty efficient. Except for when the waitress accidentally knocked my beloved Iphone off the table and onto the floor!

Okay, time to catch up on some sleep.

I think I can still smell a slight whiff of onion in my hair.

Good night lovely readers x

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Another chilly morning, but thankfully a bit drier than yesterday. 
Spent most of the morning having a lie-in - so very unusual for me considering the extra hour I had after the clocks turned back.

Stopped by a quaint little cafe called Notes Music & Coffee.


The cafe has a warm, welcoming feel to it, with lovely high ceilings and rustic wooden decor. There is a long serving counter at the front with tables lined along the side and a few more bench tables towards the back. Staff were pretty friendly and I enjoyed my little cup of flat white coffee.

Not a very eventful day as I spent most of it wandering the streets of London - I love turning into random streets (sometimes rather accidentally) and discovering little shops and restaurants.

Found this sign with a cute miniature bicycle whilst walking down a street and couldn't help taking a quick snap!

After quite a busy, tiring week, it was good to have a relaxing weekend. 
It's also been one of days when I really feel for a good pick-me-up - sometimes it's best not to over-think things too much. Opening up sometimes really does hurt.

Maybe a dose of Strictly Come Dancing and some wine will do the trick.

Saturday, 27 October 2012


As the temperature continues to drop, it's always best to layer up! 
Single digit temperatures already, oh dear...

Here's today's outfit:


Met up with Stacey for some morning coffee at Costa and started to read Reflected In You by Sylvia Day, the second book in the Crossfire series that just came out a couple of days ago - back to some sexy reading!

We then both met up with the lovely Theodora and made our way to Jamie Oliver's - a place that I've avoided for quite a while due to some mixed reviews, but thought I'd try it out anyway to find out for myself!
We did have to wait for (over) half an hour, during which we were given a beeper that buzzed to tell us when out table was ready. 

I ordered the Black Angel Spaghetti, Stacey had the Start Bay Crab Risotto, and Dora had the Baked Shetland Salmon. We also ordered a couple of starters to share - Sweet Mini Chilli Peppers and Crispy Squid.
And not forgetting to order most importantly...a bottle of wine x
They had run out of house wine (!!!) so we settled for a cheaper alternative.

Cheers x
Crispy squid
Sweet mini chilli peppers

We were sat near the entrance so it was quite chilly, but warmed up after we started eating. I did like the starters - the squid was nice and crisp which went well with the garlicky mayo, lemon and chilli, and the mini chilli peppers were quite cute, though it would have been better if they were spicier! 
The squid ink pasta was good but I felt the portion of scallops was pretty pathetic - it looked like only one or two scallops were used which were thinly sliced. Tasty sauce, but so stingy with the ingredients - shame.
The waitress that served us seemed quite abrupt and not-as-friendly when taking our orders. And when asking her to split the bill she made some sarcastic remark like 'Oh, you did not divide it yourselves and would like me to do it?' - excuse me lady is that not part of your job (?!)
Nonetheless, we left some tips anyway - because we're such nice people haha.

We didn't stay on for dessert but instead went shopping round town - amazingly I did not buy anything today!

Ended up at Carluccio's at St Christopher's Place for some sweeties... 

Moscato d'Asti mmm...
Torta di frutta
Meringa con panna al frutta della passione

I had the fruit tart which was ok, but nothing special. I LOVED the Moscato d'Asti - I think I'm becoming quite an alcoholic these days ha x
And not forgetting to mention that the staff here were SO much friendlier.

It's been an awesome day with the girls, and now spending some quality time at home with...x 
My tummy has been having a good time today, though I'm not too sure about my hips...and bum!

SO glad it's not snowing with hailstones in London.
Oh how I miss the north...NOT!

Have a good night everyone x


Monday, 22 October 2012


Met up with a girlfriend, Stacey, and tried out some foodie places today - food and shopping, if only I could make a living out of these!
Having done some online research I thought we'd try out Star Cafe, claimed to be 'An independent world famous cafe in Soho, London' (taken from main website), which I visualized it to be some cute, quirky cafe based on the reviews I read. Had to take a bit of a detour as I didn't realize there was some construction going on in the area which sort of blocked the view of the entrance. Upon entering the place, it appeared much older than expected...maybe it was the lighting (?)
Then again it has been open since 11th April 1933 (!), and it is rather unique in a way, having been used for different kinds of location filming.
We stayed on anyway for a quick bite.

Here's a quick glimpse...


I ordered a cappuccino and an omelette with smoked salmon and hash browns on the side. The omelette was nicely cooked with quite a generous amount of salmon, though I would have preferred more froth in my cappuccino. Overall, despite the rather old interior, the meal was quite tasty and cheap, costing about 8.00 pounds in total per person. I'm still wondering if they forgot to add in the drinks on the bill.
Good for simple cheap and cheerful meals if you happen to be around the area.

We then popped into Tapped & Packed - a small cafe round the corner that just opened on Saturday.
Loved the interior inside which felt very rustic and home-y, so we sat in to have (another) coffee. I ordered the americano which came with milk in a really cute bottle! (see pictures below)


We then wandered round town for a bit, before heading on to have...yes you may have guessed...MORE food! 
I've passed by Sofra, a Turkish restaurant, at St Christopher's Place quite a few times which was always quite busy, so today I finally tried it out.
I ordered the salmon stew whilst Stacey had the 6oz sirloin steak, and we both each had a glass of Turkey/Angora red wine.

Complimentary hummus, olives and warm bread
Salmon stew
Sirloin steak
Sweet Stacey :)

I absolutely loved my dish - the salmon was well-cooked and fresh, the stew was light yet tasty without being too fish-y, and the mashed potatoes was really smooth and creamy...mmm...comfort food at it's best.
I've always been a huge fan of fish, as well as soup-y/sauce-y dishes, so having a combination of both is like heaven for me.
I tried very hard to resist eating up all the (super-high-calorie-containing) mash...which I kind of regret for doing so now because I'm feeling quite hungry (as always) after Spanish. Typical.

An apple...or ice cream...hmmm...

Have a good night everyone x

Sunday, 21 October 2012


After MONTHS since our last meet-up I finally managed to catch the very busy CCWK on this chilly Saturday morning.
Me, being the foodie lover, picked out Burger & Lobster in Soho. We were one of the first ones to be seated having turned up bright and early to avoid the queues.


We both ordered the grilled lobster which came with a side of fries and salad, which I believe was the most popular selection. For drinks, I ordered a glass of rose and the little boy had some lager. 


I've rarely eaten much lobster in the past, mainly because it's usually SO expensive in restaurants. However, here you can experience the luxury at a mere 20 pounds per dish, with the additional expenses depending on what drinks you order. 

The lobster was tasty, with a fresh and spring-y texture.
 When ordering the lobster, you should prepare yourself to get down and dirty with those fingers (no x-rated thoughts/ideas allowed here please!)
And for those who are easily grossed out and not used to eating shelled creatures, there are some rather gooey innards...
Digging into the tiny legs and claws scrummaging for meat reminds me of eating crabs back home in Malaysia (seafood heaven mmm...)
If you are a messy eater I'd suggest you wear something dark to camouflage your food splatters (!)...or you also have the option of requesting for some plastic bibs (which we only realised after we had finished). I went in wearing a winter-white top and came out unscathed - which doesn't happen very often.
Service was prompt and efficient for us on this visit. Again mixed reviews online, mostly with regard to the service, so I advise that, if you want an enjoyable meal here I'd suggest to turn up early before peak time.
Burger & Lobster have a no-reservations policy, but the newer branch in Soho does accept reservations for 6 or more.

We then headed to L'eto Caffe for some dessert. It was a bit packed but we managed to find a little table to squeeze in. Service wasn't too good, and the man ahead of me was taking AGES to make his order - and they call us women fickle-minded (!)
The lady at the cashier then scurried away preparing the order and took quite a while before coming back - in my opinion you should have a permanent staff attending at the counter and leave the table services to the other waiters/waitresses - an example of poor management.

Anyway, ranting aside, as tempted as I was to order the millefeuille that I had on my last visit, I opted for the honeycake whilst WK had the ricotta cheesecake.
And we both order London Hot Chocolate for drinks.


The honeycake was nice and light, without being too sweet, but maybe lacking a bit more flavour?. 
The hot chocolate was much milk-ier than I was expecting and could have been a bit hotter. 

One last photo before we part again x

I think we did as much walking as we did eating on that day. The poor boy has got a bit of a cold and was still sweet enough to come out today - thank you Kitkit! x
Hope you get well soon x