Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Another day of pampering!
Went for a manicure and pedicure with my cousin today at Nails Hansen at Gurney Plaza, the place where I had my first many years ago! Mainly because of it's convenient location and reliable service.

Clare's contrasting nail colours!

Drying off my nails!

My wriggly pink toenails

Clare's orange toenails!

Very pleased with my purple and pink nails

I have really icky feet - one of the parts of my body that gets the least attention and are constantly deprived! You could tell that the lady was working hard scrubbing, filing and clipping away! I was a bit conscious about my toes that looked like it had been savaged after I randomly clipped away the hard bits.
My toes actually look pretty decent now, wonder how long this will last...
We both went for contrasting colours - bright toenails and darker fingernails. One of the assistants was nice enough to help us put on our sandals after we were done. 
RM85.00 per person - definitely a bargain compared to UK prices!

Always remember to go to a reputable place with good personal hygiene - aunty shared on of her 'horror' stories of her horrid experience with a fungal nail infection resulting in her getting her nail(s) removed (!)
Worst case scenario obviously...just so you people out there are aware ;)

We then rushed for our massage appointment - a 2 hour Balinese massage. Stripped down and wearing nothing but a disposable (see-through) thong - certainly not something for those who are overly body conscious.
The lady who did mine was really working her elbows into me - a bit TOO much at times I think! I tried taking deep breaths hoping that it would ease the pain, probably squirmed around a bit as well. The bed was creaking under the pressure as she climbed on top to reach certain angles, I'm glad she didn't end up walking on me (!)
I also had this annoying urge to go to the toilet halfway through the massage - the tummy rubbing didn't really help!

Me and my cousin felt a bit sore after the massage - these women really have arms of steel.
I'll probably tell them to lighten the pressure a little next time.

That's another 2 things ticked off my to-do list x


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    1. thanks :) checking out your blog x

    2. I just love the colors of your nails! Happiness is written all over your face and Clare’s. That massage session doesn’t seem at all like what you expected though. I mean, a body massage is supposed to make you feel relaxed, not the other way around. My sister and I had our nails prepped yesterday, and we are planning to have a full body massage next week. Wish us luck!

      Karen Bledsoe