Friday, 4 May 2012


Yes I've joined the gym! I've had my free Health MOT and I'm glad to say I am fit and healthy with a score of 83%! I've had a break of about 2 months from gym so I'm hoping to raise my score within the next 3 months - apparently I'll get 'rewarded' if I improve my score! Hmmm...I'm hoping for a free spa or something along the relaxation line :) 

I also had my gym induction a couple of days ago. The instructor said I had really STRONG legs haha, which I expected. I mean, have you looked at my chunky legs, I'd be appalled if they weren't! I think he tried to tire me out with lots of squats and lunges, but my legs of steel never failed me! My arms unfortunately did...I have such weak arms so I'll be working hard to get them pumped up!

Time to start my summer fitness regime x

If only I looked this good...

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