Saturday, 31 March 2012


The chilly weather is back again! Just when you thought you could ditch all your winter woolies. Time to layer up and keep warm.

The weather was pretty grim in the morning but thankfully it got a bit brighter later on in the day.

I had a latte macchiato and a chocolate cake (can't remember what it was called, Sacha? or something along those lines) at La Bottega Milanese (surprise, surprise). The cake was nice and light so I didn't have that sickening feeling after as I sometimes do when the cake is too rich. I'm on a mission to try all their tasty cakes! It was about lunch time and the place was a bit packed so didn't hang around for too long before heading out for some window shopping.

There was a Vintage Fair at the Corn Exchange and I had a little browse around. Can't really see myself pulling off most of the looks, but some of the bags did look quite nice. Tempted to buy a cute high-waisted skirt with zebra (!!!) buttons, but forgot to withdraw enough cash...

Made a quick trip to the market, which may probably be my last before I leave - so many good memories of all my fruit bargain buys! I'm going to miss you Leeds market.

At Tesco, I spotted this cute little pack of biscuits that I just couldn't resist...

I mean who could resist Llamas...LLAMAS! Introductory offer of only a pound. It came in two different flavours - BBQ and sweet chilli. Nom nom nom...

My thighs have been having a good workout today...I've been busy STRADDLING...





Yes the move is now inevitable and here is a glimpse of packing Phase 1

I am packing my life into the number of boxes piling up I must truly be living a very 'wholesome' life! And this isn't even all of it...stay tuned, more to come x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Had a short(er) work shift today and managed to get out to enjoy what could most probably be the best weather we're going to have before it all goes downhill after this weekend.

Feeling a bit out of place with my tights and coat in the warm sunny weather, I dashed home to freshen up and change into something more summery, and then dashed back out to get my 'mugshot' aka passport photo taken.

Stopped by La Bottega Milanese to enjoy an affogato while flipping through this week's Stylist. Loving every drink/snack I've had there so far.

I read about the Revlon Photoready Collection and tried the tester at Boots with the intention of purchasing the Eye Primer + Brightener. I have had really bad dark circles since like forever and concealers are one of my daily staples. Unfortunately the shade was a bit too pale and peachy for my skin tone, and it only came in one shade - bummer. Oh well, I'm currently still in love with my YSL Touche Eclat.

Revlon Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener

I tried on a really pretty blush pink dress with the intention of wearing it as my bridesmaids dress for my brother's church wedding. Unfortunately it was a bit loose at the sides, must have been a really big size XS. I may pop in again to give it another try. Maybe I could get it altered hmmm...

Been spending most of the day researching on removal companies and getting begins the joys of moving house again. If anyone has any experience with removals in the Leeds area please do drop me a message, it would be much appreciated!

More posts regarding THE MOVE to come soon x

Monday, 26 March 2012


It's one of my days off from work again as you may have guessed! I utilized my time efficiently (ahem) packed away all my baking utensils and some bits and bobs. I found some 'agar-agar' ingredients (jelly that's made from boiling seaweed - it's really not as bad as it sounds) and decided to make some jelly! Added in some winter melon and grapes for some colour.

To match the weather I opted for my bright yellow Zara puffball skirt. For my hair, I'm currently loving Charles Worthington Front Row - something that I've wanted to try a couple of years ago but never got to it. Currently using the dry shampoo and forever lasting hairspray to give my already voluminous hair that extra boost factor.

I had my last flute lesson with my teacher Hazel - she's one of the loveliest teacher's I've had and I'm definitely going to miss her when I leave. If anyone is interested to learn music, the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama is conveniently located opposite Leeds University  which offers music lessons for beginners to more advanced levels. I'd recommend my teachers Hazel (flute) and Iveta (violin) - they are amazing :)

I met up with Hai Choo and her adorable little son Shern for a late lunch at Dare Cafe in Headingley. I ordered the spinach and ricotta cannelloni with a glass of pineapple juice - lunch meal deal of only 5.95 pounds. I originally wanted to order the vegetarian lasagna but they had run out (how convenient), so I had to settle for this - talk about cheese overload!

A rather unhealthy vegetarian option

We then went to have some coffee at The Heart Cafe down the road. 

Hyper-active Shern :)

Unfortunately we had to cut short our meeting as Shern wasn't feeling too well today - failed to get a pretty picture with him, maybe next time. 

The weather was just too good to head home straight away so I wandered round town to have a browse.
Spotted some cute colour block bags and just couldn't resist taking some happy snaps - this one totally matched my outfit today! There were two others that were also quite attractive - I'm loving colour blocks at the moment.

It was truly hard to resist buying the bag, at least I have some photos as a keepsake. But I did get another pair of GEOX comfort shoes! My feet needed some loving after some leftover sand from the beach that was stuck in my shoes made quite a mess around my heel area that I didn't notice it until I saw a huge blotch of blood when I took it off. I think I was a bit too distracted by the sun to feel the pain on my 30 minute walk to the college before.

Time to catch up on the latest episode of Desperate Housewives x

Sunday, 25 March 2012


It's official - the clocks have turned and summer is finally here!
Got up early with short of an hours lack of sleep and manically got ready to catch the train to Scarborough. A rather foggy start to the day again, but that didn't stop this sun worshipper from baring her legs in a short denim skirt when it was 5 degrees celsius in the morning! Met up with Piotr my Polish friend - last minute decision made the day before as we both clearly didn't have much else to do. 
We barely made it onto the train with only a minute to spare because someone forgot to announce the change in platforms! 

We made it!

We got the earliest train on a Sunday where we had to switch trains at York - this is one of the rare occasions where I didn't have my breakfast so I grabbed a hot chocolate from Pumpkin Cafe.

Early morning start
Piotr and his tea!

The weather was still a bit chilly when we arrived but at least there was sunshine and clear blue skies. The seaside was about a 15 minute walk from the station which wasn't too bad. We decided to walk barefooted on the beach - not quite realizing how cold the water was! But that's ok, I think my feet went a bit numb after a while.

Not wanting to ruin my brand new leather GOEX shoes, I brought my spare cheap New Look pumps as a sacrifice! - it had to endure hours of my wet sandy feet. Piotr was kind enough to help me carry my shoes (and later on my jacket) in his backpack and lent me his towel as well - this man clearly has better insight than me!

We had lunch at Winking Willy's - the name still makes me smile when I think of it! We both ordered the Chunky Monkey - monkfish served with chips, salad garnish and tartare sauce, for the price of 9.35 pounds. Not sure why my portion of chips appeared to be double the size of his, but he helped me to finish mine anyway! Service was good as we were attended to promptly by the waiters/waitresses.

Chunky Monkey!

 There's nothing better than a nice cold ice cream on a (not-so-warm) summer's day. I had a strawberry whirl which didn't have much of a strawberry taste to it but wasn't too bad for 1.40.

We had a short laze under the sun as we let the food settle down in our satisfied tummies.

Utilizing his towel again!
We walked up the hill and visited the castle - 4.80 entrance fees for adults, shame we're no longer students. The view from above was gorgeous as we had a good view of Scarborough town and the sea.

Unsurprisingly, we had MORE ice cream - the earlier soft ice cream wasn't quite as satisfying so we optioned for the proper scooped one. I had a double scoop of coconut and sticky toffee crunch which cost 3.00 pounds - amazingly rich and yummy.

I didn't eat them all I swear!
After a few very relaxing hours in the sun we caught the train back to Leeds, a bit tired but happy. Here's hoping the weather stays this way all summer - then again you know what British weather is like.

p.s.: Thank you Piotr for being my kind, patient photographer for the day. If anyone is looking for a gentleman I can introduce you to him - trustworthy recommendation from yours truly! 

Right, I have just a few hours left to list my eBay items for free this weekend!

Lotsa love xoxo

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Having to work on a weekend is never fun - because you end up with only half the weekend left to enjoy. Good thing I've got Monday off next week so my weekend just feels like it's been carried over, good stuff.

Walked a bit round town after work to get a bit of the Saturday feel in Leeds. Town was packed with the sun finally coming out through all that horrid fog in the morning. Saw some rather intriguing dances being performed along Briggate...

And more outside Clintons...

Cute granny dance :p

The most 'dangerous' stick dance...I hardly think so

I think they were part of some group...can't really remember the name, all I heard was YORKSHIRE...from the sign they were supposedly established in 1987 (the year I was born!).

Been catching up on America's Next Top Model: British Invasion! 
Totally rooting for team Britain! My current top 3 favourites are Annaliese, Alisha and Sophie - though competition wise I think Laura and AzMarie from the US are pretty strong.
I'm guessing Kyle or Seymone will be booted out next...we shall see.

Looks like there's going to be more awesome weather tomorrow! 18 degrees celcius!- nothing compared to Malaysian weather but I'll take whatever I can get!
Time to rummage through the summer clothes pile.

Felicia signing off for now - good night xoxo