Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Having already tried the other Korean restaurants along St Giles High St, on a nice Sunday afternoon, we decided to pop into the (really tiny) Seoul Bakery which nests in between Pocha and Assa. The place is really small inside (probably able to accommodate a maximum of no more than a dozen customers at any one time), and always seems to be busy. Me and Lili sat ourselves along the side table - sitting almost shoulder-to-shoulder. The interior is rather quirky, the walls plastered with endless colourful sticky notes left by customers - saves having to decorate it yourself ay!



 We ordered a Chicken and kimchi soupy dish which came with rice and a side of kimchi, a portion of half a dozen fried dumplings, and a Kimchi pancake dish to share. 



The portions were much larger than we expected, compared to the ones served at previous Korean restaurants that we have frequented in the past. And even plus drinks it cost us an average of 10 pounds per person - cheap and economical!
A nice place for a quick stop - though I wouldn't recommend it if you have a large group of people! Unless you don't mind getting squashed together like sardines.

And no meal is complete without a sweet dessert - popped by one of our usual haunts, Golden Gate cake shop in Chinatown.



Yummy food = happy smiles x

Monday, 29 April 2013


So after a long-awaited 5 months I was getting super-excited to going to Secret Cinema, only to be notified at the last minute that it had been cancelled due to some unforeseeable circumstances.
 Thankfully my tickets were for the Saturday evening, so at least I had a day's notice before. Unfortunately, as expected, there were some rather unhappy and angry ticket holders - I feel a bit sorry for those who were traveling from outside of London, but hey, these things happen, and I'm pretty sure Secret Cinema will do their best to get things back up and running (soon we hope!)

So as a kind gesture, they organised a Secret Screening of Footloose at the Troxy in East London on Saturday 27th April for those affected by the cancellations. 

Photo from Secret Cinema page

Me and Lili arrived nice and early before the crowd arrived, donning my pink dress, boots and cowboy hat! After 15 minutes of waiting under the rain (and hail!), we were finally allowed to enter the building, and got some nice seats at the front. 

The first scene played was set in the Beaumont Community Centre, and we got on our feet to dance for a bit before the actual movie was played. 
We were also told to bring some balloons which were being bounced and thrown around the cinema throughout the night.


There were live acts around the cinema as the movie was playing which was really fun and interactive, especially the parts where we could get up and dance like crazy!



Nothing better than some entertaining audience participation.
At the end of the film, the seats were stacked away and the place was turned into an awesome dance floor!



It was a really enjoyable night - Thank you Secret Cinema, job well done!
Looking forward to the new reassigned dates for the actual thing now!

Stay G.O.O.D. Things can only get better x


KYDnH signing off x

Monday, 22 April 2013


Apologies that my space has not been very active...I've had a bit of a change in my weekly routine. So to make things simple let me summarize what I have been upto...

1. I've started dancing (again)!

It's been approximately 8 years since I've done some serious dancing...but I've finally jumped back into it! Dug out my old ballet and jazz shoes and am absolutely loving the classes! I have to admit it was a bit of a shock when I turned up for my first class...
The schedule described the level of the class as 'All/Intermediate', so that gave me the impression that there would be a range of abilities in the class... However judging from the class, besides one or two older women, I'm pretty sure the rest of them have been dancing more regularly and attending classes, and there I was fresh from an 8-year break, pushing my body to do grand jete's and double pirouettes! 
After 3 weeks I do feel that I'm starting to get the hang of it...and I think my brain and body have now agreed to coordinate with each other...
I'm also starting to feel more flexible and energized, which is an amazing feeling! Although I'm still not as supple as some of the other dancers, but hey, I'm 26 and it's only been 3 weeks since I started...

I've also started jazz classes - something that I wanted to try when I was younger. At the first class, I chose to stick to the back row with the hope that people wouldn't notice me when I struggled to pick up the routines... But now at my third class I have finally found the confidence to stand at the front and just dance my heart out.
It's obviously quite a long shot to reach the same level as the other professional/advanced dancers...but I'm still feeling pretty optimistic about the future!

2. Reunion dinner with the girls

It has been MONTHS since the three of us had a proper get-together dinner. So on Saturday night we met up at Salvador & Amanda.
Had some tasty tapas and lots of yummy sangria!

Iberico ham mmm...
The place wasn't very busy and we were attended to by some nice waiters. We even got some free drinks ha x

3Weekends with Lili

I've been out on the weekends with Lili as always... On the Sunday, we spent the day out walking and enjoying the lovely weather. For the love of sushi, we had a satisfying economical dinner at the Japan Centre where we boughts stacks of (half-priced) sushi and ate until we were about to explode!


We then headed on to Vapiano for some dessert - 'Death by chocolate', creme brulee and panacotta!


Me and my blueberry tea

Yes, I survived the chocolate cake...I can take an ANY chocolate dessert you throw at me...I am invincible! Just please don't mess up my white top, there will be consequences...

Well that's pretty much all I have for now, haven't been quite so snap-happy but I'll be sure to post more soon.

I've also booked my next holiday that I am SUPER excited about...but I think I'm going to keep it for next time x

Today's classes have totally wiped me out...will probably get an early night.

Sweet dreams x

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Spring is finally here! - or at least it seems to feel like it this weekend.
Sunny weather calls for impulsive acts, such as indulging in sinful, greasy burgers at Patty & Bun!


We arrived nice and early before the crowd arrived - second in line, we did well.
 As the doors opened at 12noon, the tables were filled within 15 minutes, with maybe a couple of single seats left at the back. 
The tables around us started placing their orders, so we grabbed (or rather politely signaled) one of the waitresses to place ours. 

I ordered the 'ARI GOLD' Cheeseburger whilst Lili ordered the 'Lambshank Redemption' burger.  I loved my juicy burger, nice and pink in the centre, though I did have to use about 3 napkins to clean up the mess that I had made after! Probably not the ideal place to bring a first date...
The lightly glazed brioche bun held the burger together really well and complemented the flavours.
We also shared a side of 'Winger Winger Chicken Dinner' - smoked confit wings with BBQ sauce and spring onions - absolutely.to.die.for.

The ultimate comfort food!

Look at that baby...*drools*



The total cost us about £12.50 per person which was reasonable. There's a whole lot of competition amongst burger joints around London, but this has got to be the best burger I've had so far! Service was really quick and efficient as well.
I'm pretty sure I could have (lady)handled another...but I needed to save some space for some Chatime!
Our wait at Chatime was even longer than usual - a half hour wait...the things we Asians do for some bubbletea ay?

My shoes were starting to hurt me, but I managed to find some awesome Converse shoes in the sale at House of Fraser. I also convinced and coaxed Lili into getting herself a pair - me and my persuasive skills ha.
 We then headed on to Trafalgar Square to observe the feathery remains from World Pillow Fight Day. 



In the evening, we had dinner at Princi on Wardour Street - ordered a Coppa and Valerio to share.



So ends yet another indulgent girls day out - I always enjoy our impromptu/unplanned adventures. 
How many calories you ask? - too many, but who's counting. 
There's always the gym next week!

Have an indulgent weekend everyone x

Monday, 1 April 2013


For those who know me, you are probably already aware of my love (borderline obsession) with bunnies... So when I found out about the pop-up Easter petting zoo in Kensal Rise, I knew I just had to go! It was held at The Paradise pub from 12noon until 3pm - there was already a long queue when we arrived, mainly kids accompanied by their parents. I'm pretty sure I was just excited as they were!

Little ducklings!


Omg we're surrounded!
Maybe if we play dead they won't eat us...

What you looking at?!

The bunnies were huddled on a table as the children swarmed round them - I can just imagine the feeling of terror they must have gone through! 
Maybe they have a pre-booked appointment with Dr Doolittle for later. 

I was contemplating smuggling a bunny out, but there were too many eyes watching...

What are you bunnies doing there!? I thought I left you at home!

We then headed to Camden for lunch - took us about half an hour to look for the place but we finally found Seawise!



We ordered a deep fried sharing platter, salt and pepper squid, and a portion of chips to share. 



The Queen!

Another indulgent day out - better hit the gym tomorrow and start eating healthier again!
Oh wait, I still have three chocolate Easter bunnies...hmm...this is going to be tricky.

If you missed the first post on my Easter weekend, click here.

Hope everyone had an amazing Easter!

Much love x