Wednesday, 30 May 2012


My visits back to Malaysia always involve my annual visit to Dermalogica (AsterSpring branch) for a proper professional facial - getting rid of all the impurities that have accumulated over the year (!)
Well this is actually my second visit back home this year...not that I'm complaining.

My facial package was purchased earlier in January/February which entitled me to 50% birthday voucher - my birthday was back in March but I could still use it within a few months after.

I had the same as before - the Skin Rejuvenating facial, with Jezzslynn who did my last facial. I find that the couple of facials that I have had back in UK were not quite as thorough as back home - e.g. here they actually 'clean' out your pores and squeeze out all those icky blackheads.
The facial packages that I have had at AsterSpring usually involve targeted facials suited to my needs as well as some head, shoulder and recently calf massages.
I'm quite satisfied sticking to my current package because it suits the needs of my sensitive skin - I particularly enjoy the oatmeal mask that leaves my face refreshed and hydrated afterwards.


The whole treatment consisted of so many steps I've actually lost count and just relaxed and left my face in the hands of the pro.
I tend not to take on any add-on treatments that they offer - don't really see the need for it, plus it costs extra money!

One of the things they usually comment on about my skin is my freckles - I thought they were cute but apparently to the facial gurus it's a bad thing because it's the start of PIGMENTATION *the sound of deathly music plays in the background*

Miss freckle face

I've developed my freckles from years of camping as a Girl Guide and outdoor activities. I also dislike putting on sunblock...which I'll have to start using now to protect my skin.
Good facial products are one of the things that I believe in investing a bit more money in. I have been a loyal Dermalogica product user for quite a few years now - my latest additions to my daily routine after this appointment include the Pre-cleanser and Total Eye Care.
I'm hoping they are going to produce some noticeable results!

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