Sunday, 24 June 2012


This week has definitely not been my week - the week when plans did not go as planned!
Nonetheless it's always good to have a back-up plan - or at least make one up as you go along!

After 5 hours of sleep having worked the late shift the night before and then a flipping early shift in the morning, I still was determined to make the most of my weekend - sleeping during the day is not an option.

What I wore today...

Going for the sporty chic look today x

 I'm loving my new DKNY High Top Trainers...they're comfortable to walk in plus they give me extra height! 

I love looking for new places to try out and I found this cute little temaki shop which had just opened just over a month ago in Soho - Yoobi, London's first Temakeria!

Lunch for one x

I ordered the Citrus Salmon and Tuna Tartar, and a bottle of fresh guava juice - healthy eating, yummy. Each one was freshly prepared upon ordering and was served promptly at the table. I'm going to be heading back there a few times to try the rest of the menu! I liked the really laid-back environment whilst I ate and read my Marie Claire magazine.
I was served by Carolina who was really lovely and helpful when explaining the menu.
For those who love sushi, check this place out x

Next I craved for bubbletea - again. I went to try out Bubbleology mentioned by my cousin, this time I was not disappointed! I ordered a large Taro milk tea - it was rich and creamy, not diluted like the ones I've tried in various locations in London. Although it could have done with a little less ice and more tapioca pearls...? 
This girl is hard to satisfy.

After satisfying my tummy I headed off to the V&A museum. I initially planned to visit the Ballgowns exhibition, but then it was sold out by the time I arrived - bummer. So I just had a quick browse around the other galleries. I didn't get that far as I was running out of time and my feet were starting to hurt me from all the walking.

The White Wedding

The Fashion System

Alexander McQueen x
Also snapped some pretty little intricate displays...

Japan - handmade porcelain bowl

China - something for incense

The V&A was supposed to be my final destination before going home to rest for the day...and then the unthinkable happened.


I walked into the sale...!

Yes...the shopaholic in me got drawn into the shop like a magnet. You'll probably see me wearing some new pieces in future posts x

Time to drift off to dreamland...

Lets see what tomorrow brings.






  2. Your lunch looked amazing! I wish we had one here. I am addicted to bubbletea.... Its bad!!! LOL

    1. haha yeah was tasty :D and I just LOVE bubbletea I have been experimenting different places to find one that tastes as good as back home! i know its lots of colouring and flavour but its just too hard to resist xxx