Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Ok so I'm going to start motivating myself by playing at least a tune a day.
This was recorded today after work - so do excuse my tired eyes as I only had 5 hours sleep...yes it's back to reality after the holidays.

Today's tune is one of my all time favourites - All Love Can Be, the soundtrack from A Beautiful Mind. It's quite an old movie, if anyone remembers it's the one starring Russell Crowe - yes I used to find him quite dreamy. When I was somewhere in my mid-teens...and had a crush on older men ha!
It's a good movie and I'd recommend to watch it if you haven't.

 So here's me playing All Love Can Be

Second day and I still need to work on my breathing.
I almost forgot how much I missed playing music and have always loved to perform.

Maybe one day I'll achieve that dream x

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