Thursday, 28 June 2012


As much as I tried to resist...the shopaholic in me has once again prevailed!
Most of the shops had already started their summer sales but I was patient and waited for the one... maybe I got tempted by Mango before that! 
Nonetheless I knew this day would come soon...and I got a sense of excitement when I saw that the Zara sale was finally here!
I am quite a picky shopper and tend to stick to certain shops, Zara being one of them. Places like Topshop, Miss Selfridge, New Look etc aren't quite my cup of tea (or coffee?) nowadays.


Yes, I was so excited I actually stayed up till 12 midnight so that I could catch a glimpse of potential bargains buys on items I have had my eyes on for a while. 
There seemed to be limited items on the website so today after my short(-er-than-usual) shift at work I headed straight into town to battle the throngs of women who were already ahead of me in the sales.
I'm quite a 'seasoned' shopper at Zara so I roughly know what sizes fits me best depending on the type of clothing. Hence it was quite a breeze for me just scanning the rails and gathering my potential buys. The weather outside was AWESOME it felt like I was back in Malaysia, and I visited not only one but all four of the Zara stores in the area. A determined shopper I am indeed. 

Cooling off with a fruit smoothie x

I have to admit I have been pretty 'in-control' of my spending today - I didn't go past the 3-digit figure today ha!
After hours of searching I finally bagged myself a couple of shorts and tops - I do love my shorts in the summer. You'll see me wearing them in my future posts.
The rest of the time I just aimlessly wandered the side streets and soaked in the rays of sunshine.

By the time I was finished it was after-office hours, and as people hung around the pubs and bars having pints of beer, I headed off to one of my favourite food places - Wholefoods, to pack home my healthy dinner.

And that pretty much sums up another solo day out.

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  1. Four stores?! Very impressive! I love Zara...and Wholefoods actually :)

  2. nothing beats zara sales!