Tuesday, 12 June 2012


So after a much prolonged 6 month break I decided to take my neglected flute out from hiding. I know that if I don't start now I will only procrastinate longer!

My beautiful Yamaha x

I tried looking for something that I had a backing track to play with because I still am a bit hopeless in finding minus one tracks or how to convert them.
My flute playing days have been a bit touch and go, I regret the days/weeks/months when I just didn't have the motivation to play. Hopefully I'll improve as time goes by and finally get down to doing some ABRSM exams!

I haven't had practice for a longgg time, so do please excuse my little mistakes here and there. I should have probably chosen something with less long breaths and a faster pace to start with ha! Oh well.
And also excuse the lighting as it is a rather gloomy day outside as usual!

So here's a short clip recorded on my Macbook Pro - Bring Him Home, from the musical Les Miserables x

I'm going to have to start focusing on my music again. 
Watch this space for more short videos x

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  1. So talented! Great blog- following you :)