Monday, 25 June 2012


A post that was from yesterday:

Sunday started out as quite a grey chilly morning and as always I was prepared with my trusty Fulton umbrella. 

As the rain suddenly started with heavy drops sending people on the street scurrying to seek shelter, me and my friend thought we were prepared as we swiftly took out our umbrellas and continued walking under the pelting rain. It was literally within seconds that we were ambushed by this HUGE gust of wind and bullets of water coming at us at 45 degree angles...that killed our umbrellas. Oh what a sight it must have been as the two of us ran against the rain trying to shelter our already drenched bodies with half-broken umbrellas. Yes, my supposedly wind-proof umbrella was left broken and battered, there was no hope left for her - as I buried her in a nearby trashcan. The both of us on the other hand were left cold and shivering at the entrance of T.k.maxx - I think I was more concerned about my wet, disheveled hair (which I had just washed in the morning!) rather than about catching a cold.

Literally seconds after we ran inside, the rain stopped...and the sun decided to come out - what luck ay. Looks like my leather jacket and shoes just got their first experience of rain, and probably not the last.

We eventually dried off and treated ourselves to lunch at Yauatcha in Soho - a contemporary dim sum teahouse, the younger sibling of Hakkasan which I blogged about in an earlier post.


Prawn, cuttlefish and zucchini dumpling

Fried duck and pumpkin dumpling

Sirloin beef and enoki mushroom cheung fun
We ordered our favourite dessert, hoping that it would taste as amazing as the one at Hakkasan! This one was different though, the one at Hakkasan was steamed and covered in ground peanuts, whilst this was deep fried and coated with sesame seeds. 
It did take a while for it to arrive, during which we were served some complimentary macaroons - I'm guessing because I was served a dirty, chipped plate...

Complimentary macaroons

Deep fried sesame balls
Overall looks pretty classy, though service was a bit slow particularly as it was during lunchtime. Both levels were packed with customers - not as many Asian people except for maybe the younger 'hip' ones - like us ha! Traditional dad would be astonished by the exorbitant prices of the dim sum... 

And now back to the present day:

Today I became a London tourist guide ha! Majority of the time I just walked aimlessly but ended up at the destination somehow! Yes you can always trust a woman's sense of direction.

Weather was good and Camden Town was buzzing as usual - had an awesome sausage with potatoes for lunch from a Polish stall.

Today I decided to go for the sporty young street look, not quite my everyday look but it's cool to mix it up a bit sometimes. I think my new trainers make me feel more youthful lol.
And I got stopped by people from Cosmopolitan to get a photo snapped and briefly interviewed for a quick feature on street-wear lol! How very intriguing...

Skirt: Zara TRF / Top: H&M / Bag: Zara / Shoes: DKNY / Accessories: Sam Ubhi & Forever 21

Well I guess that's my weekend over and it's back to the work routine tomorrow!




  1. That food seems so delicious!
    And your top is very cute :)

  2. Mmmm this food looks so tasty! Lately, I am a fan of spring rolls :)
    Beautiful floral top :)

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  5. Love your outfit and food looks delicious! <3<3

  6. omg my mouth is watering everything looks so delicious! I am so jealous! anyway your blog is a delight and you are gorgeous :)

  7. omg... that dim sum/teahouse spot looks absolutely amazing. the closest thing i get to that around where i live is my own cooking! :)


    1. haha, it was, i love trying out food places :D there's so much international food in london xxx

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