Monday, 11 June 2012


I've been wearing glasses for quite a long time now, probably since primary school if I remember correctly. After being hit in the eye by a volleyball! - some idiot who had no aim catapulted the ball right into my face, I'm surprised I didn't get  knocked out. So yes, I blame the ball for my eyesight would be almost perfect today if not for that incident. 
So now my eyesight is kind of lop-sided - good in the left but bad in the right. Good thing is I can still see without my glasses which I only wear when reading, on my laptop, after a bad night's sleep or when I feel like going nerd-mode!

I've never thought about wearing contact lenses, the thought of putting it in my eye still freaks me out!

Anyways, I've just rummaged through some of my boxes and found my entire collection of glasses, maybe missing one or two old ones from back home. 
My earlier ones near the front are so uncool...I can't believe I chose them.

Started off simple (and uncool)

Then my choices became more extravagant...

Meet my new baby x

How cool am I ha! x

Call me four eyes, but I'm still LOVING my new baby x
The question now is how long will this love last ha! Or when I'll get some laser surgery done if I ever do x


  1. loving your blog, keep it up!


  2. I love glasses too :) Yours looks good on you!!!