Monday, 23 July 2012


I woke up still feeling rather ill with the flu, guess my body immune system is down at the moment. But that didn't stop me from carrying on with my daily routine!
I dragged my weak body out of bed and got dressed for Bodypump class at gym - just what every sick person needs right?! My next health check is almost due and I'm hoping to score higher than my last one 3 months ago.
My conscience was shaking its head with disapproval...I should have probably stayed in bed, but hey, exercise is good for the immune system! Though probably not during illness...
Vitamin C and a couple of paracetamol and I'm good to go!

Stocked up on my daily food staples - alpro 3-for-3 pounds? YES PLEASE!

And also came back to a nice surprise from the postman - my goodies that I won from Eylure on twitter has finally arrived! 

My outfit today - Aztec print shorts with a staple white top.

It was a good day to be off, out enjoying the sunshine with the rest of the sun worshipers. I went out equipped with my bottle of Innocent juice and box of cherries. 
Lots of bare flesh on show on a lovely summer's day as we all attempt to get a nice sun-kissed glow! 
And also not forgetting some rather unsightly images of cellulite thighs...and stretch-marked boobs?! Oh police!

After some walking around town I settled on a bench at Golden Square to soak in some sunshine whilst I read my book. No, it wasn't Fifty Shades (obviously not in public!) as I have finally finished the trilogy! Like every other lovestory there is a happy ending...thank heavens I've finally finished it, was really getting a bit dull. As Fifty Shades is 'freed' in the final novel, so am I now! 

My lovely landlady has also arrived home today from Zanzibar and got some cute gifts for me :)

Ok, 10pm - think it's bedtime now for the sick blogger!

It's a sunny week ahead, got your shorts and shades out - it's not going to last forever ;)


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