Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Apologies for the lack of content on my blog page recently! I think I've been too busy having my nose stuck in the Fifty Shades trilogy - I've finished the second book now! One more book to go...
The books are literally FLYING off the shelves everyday - more curious minds like me wanting a taste of some erotic literature I suppose...

My passion for the piano has also been re-ignited! After years of living without a piano I now have one available to play in the comfort of my home - well not exactly 'my' home...more like my landlady's, but it's home for now anyways.
From the look and sound of it, it has been rather neglected throughout the years - so one day I just decided to bring some life back into it!
There's a few songs that I remember that I can still 'miraculously' play by heart - it must have been 10 years or more since I first played them! 
It's amazing how music stays connected to your soul.
I love the feeling of just getting lost in the music and live in my moments of contentment.

I'm currently working on the soundtrack from The Piano - unfortunately due to my bad sight-reading skills, it is taking longer than usual to master it! I will probably do an 'amateur' recording in a week...or most likely a month ha...

BAD news is my flute and violin are now the neglected ones...if only there were more hours in a day...
Which reminds me I better start hunting for music tutors in London again. If anyone knows anyone personally in London that they would recommend please do give me a heads up!
I do miss my previous tutors Hazel and Iveta back in Leeds.
C'est la vie.

To end on a brighter note, we're halfway through the week! I seriously find it hard to understand how half a year has already gone by, it doesn't even feel like summer in the UK. Yes, it feels like we have been robbed off our summer...let's see what July/August brings...

2 more days of work and I-can't-care-any-less-of-how-I-look-at-work clothes...can't wait for the weekend x

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