Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Just got home from the movie premiere of The Dark Knight Rises!
My lovely friend Mei had bagged some awesome regional movie premiere tickets at Odeon IMAX. 
No, we didn't get to see the stars live at Leicester Square, but we did see them close up on the live streaming for an hour before the movie started! Without the trouble of getting soaked under the rain and squashed in the massive crowd...

We sat at the centre of the top back row - best view in our opinion.

Sneaky shots on my Iphone - video recording is illegal, photo-taking isn't! :p

Mei also came prepared with food and snacks, I should really learn to be more organized in future!

It has been TOO long since I stepped into a cinema, and this trip back has made me want to frequent it more in future.

I've never really read much comic books but did flip through some of my brother's when I was young!
Some parts really threw me off which added to the suspense - loved it.

I'm not going to start blabbing about the storyline and spoil the fun of it, but what I will say is that the movie is definitely worth the watch!

So go grab yourselves some tickets - July 20, be there or be square x



  1. How fun! I plan to attend this weekend!

    Kisses from US!

  2. Cool! I am looking forward to watch it! <3<3