Saturday, 7 July 2012


Ok, I have been MIA for a few days now. Just recently I've got back in reading books - starting off with Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James, after all this 'hype' about it in the news/internet. 

According to The Guardian, E L James has apparently now sold over 4 million copies fo her Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy via her UK publisher, Random House, adding to the 15 million that have been shifted in the US and Canada. That's a LOT of woman/ladies/young girls(???)/men (???) left with some pretty raunchy sex scenes on their mind now ay! ... 

It has been a LONG time since I picked up a book which had some element of sex in it - I vaguely remember reading a couple of books when I was younger - cowboys and peasant girls, knights in shining armours and damsels in distress ... I shall skip delving into all the x-rated detail!
Don't play miss/mr innocent now you guys ... somewhere along the line you all have had a sneaky peak into one of them!

To be honest when I first picked up the book and started reading it I did find the first few scenes rather ... intriguing (?) 
But as I read on I found a few of the repetitions rather annoying e.g.

1. Anastasia's constant lip biting
2. Christian's rollercoaster mood-swings (and they call us women hormonal!)
3. This constant obsession with making-out in the elevator (!)

And seriously ... is it even possible to orgasm that easily (?!) Anastasia must have been truly deprived pre-deflowering ...
And doesn't this so-called multi-billionaire ever go to work?!

I suppose everyone has their opinions and every publication is bound to get its share of praise and mockery. 

Thrashing aside, I DID enjoy certain aspects of the book - mainly my mental visualization of the dashing Christian Grey! ... before my bubble got popped by the the rumours/speculation about potential actors/actresses for the upcoming film - Ryan Gosling (! - not dreamy enough), Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart ... oh-puhleaseee ... haven't we had enough of this Twilight fever ...

I do think that Ian Somerhalder does have that charming look with just a touch of evil in his eyes! Yes ... definitely Christian Grey potential.
No comment about potential Anastasia.

ANYWAY, whoever ends up playing the part better be good - and maybe better as an 18-rated film to make it more gutsy and in-your-face action!

I've got the two more books in the trilogy that I'm going to read through just to have a 'wholesome' view on this trilogy ... they better be worth the read.
It's nice to fantasize sometimes, but I wish there was more substance in this book.

And as for my day ... dropped by the Designer Sample sale at Chelsea Town Hall - absolute let-down ... so we treated outselves to some pretty Amorino ice-cream (no pictures, too famished and gobbled it up).

Had my first taste of raw oysters at the market! After years of feeling a bit nauseated about the texture and being too chicken to try it ...

And the nice man even gave an extra free oyster after that!

Looks like I have a pretty relaxing weekend this week. Going to get my nose back into that book!
Have a great Saturday night x


  1. GREAT post! I definitely LOVE all the celebrities you featured! :D

    Cindy C.

  2. Just discovered you blog and I love it!
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