Sunday, 29 July 2012


After having to endure a Friday night at work whilst everyone was busy watching the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, my weekend was finally here. 
I did have my little Iphone with me to stream from BBC as work was so quiet - don't you just love technology.

Absolutely LOVED Rowan Atkinson!

Quick snap of work outfit from Friday x

Visited Ely Cathedral on Saturday...
Got my annual pass, might as well make use of it again in future.


After a day out in the sun, had a nice homemade Thai green curry with rice by Mr Chef ;)

And English breakfast the morning after :)

Mystery hands at work again ;)

Yummy x

The train back home was packed - had to stand in throughout the journey cramped in a corner. Only good thing was they were giving free ice lollies on the train platforms when alighting the train.

I've FINALLY received the CDs for the photos from my brother's wedding after waiting for almost 2 months! So I'll have another short post soon on that x

Synchronized diving is live on TV now, and it's getting rather painful watching the Malaysian team falling drastically behind the other countries! Oh dear...and who designed those hideous swimsuits?!
Come on Malaysia!

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