Sunday, 22 July 2012


So I haven't been posting very often lately, I guess bloggers have their 'blogger's block' moments!
Anyway, I had to work on a Saturday morning again, which shall hopefully be the last of it as I have requested to stick to my 4-day work shifts.

River Festival 2012

Had a little wander round the Bedford River Festival, held at the Victorian Embankment, Promenade, the River Great Ouse and in Russell Park - a combination of the carnival, the musical, and the nautical. 
The weather has been good this weekend, it looks like summer has finally arrived in the UK!

Then was treated to a lovely homemade paella for dinner mmm...

Someone forgot the lemons lol x

And English breakfast in the morning!

Mystery hands at work ;)

The little chef is still on vacation...

I am now sitting on my bed feeling rather drained as I feel a flu coming on - the pharmacist in me is trying everything possible to ward off this evil bug, time to double/triple-up on vitamin C! Downing a whole carton of tropicana orange juice (with bits!)...
I REFUSE to give in to sickness!

My trusted emergency life-saver!

I've also made a pledge to myself to get back into my active lifestyle - dancing, music, and maybe self-taught language(s) lessons...
Can't wait to get my passport back so I can jet off somewhere!
I've realized that my 2012 year has been rather unproductive with the moving and everything. And I have yet to find the ladder to get my violin down from the top of my 8 foot (9?) wardrobe!

My mind is rather unfocused and I am starting to ramble on now...I'll hopefully be back with another post tomorrow on my day-off!

Enjoy your last hours of the weekend before Monday returns!


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