Saturday, 14 July 2012


Yes, my favourite time of the week is here again! After my most dreaded workshift of the week...having to work til late whilst everyone is out having drinks on a Friday night is just rubbish...
At least Friday the 13th is over! Not that I'm that superstitious...
And another perk today - payday (yay!). Could this weekend get any better...I hope so.

Since moving to London I find that my lifestyle has had a few changes.

1. I am sleeping much later than my usual 10am bedtime
2. I survive on 5 hours of sleep on weekdays and still seem to have enough energy to drag myself to gym
3. I am blogging past midnight...whilst drinking wine (!) - I think my landlady's drinking habits are starting to rub off on me...I'm kidding, she's lovely really!

Blogger at work ;)

And just to make things clear - no I am NOT an alcoholic...I am just starting to indulge in the 'finer' things in life ha!
This obviously does not fit anywhere in my daily healthy eating plan...but my inner goddess tells me otherwise - a girl's got to indulge every once in while. 
Oh dear I really am reading too much of this Fifty Shades trilogy.

Looks like the weather is going to be pretty dreadful in London tomorrow - thank god my new umbrellas from eBay have arrived! Yes umbrella with an 's' - plural - I think I need a back-up just in case I get ambushed by torrential rain like the last time! 

I better head to bed soon - half a bottle gone already - oops? ha.

Sweet dreams x

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