Sunday, 18 March 2012



Good morning Newcastle!
I woke up to a seal, bear and tiger staring at me - guess I'm not the only one into soft toys at this age!
After many attempts I finally managed to drag Sarah out of bed - and we had pancakes for breakfast!
Wonky-shaped pancakes, but made with love nonetheless!

Sarah in her element!

Matching ribbon dresses with contrasting colours!
Me and Sarah spent the day at Tynemouth, first visiting the market which had an array of antique (and not-so antique) items on display for sale - from old coins and jewellery to larger pieces of old furniture.

There were also some cute looking cupcakes/muffins on sale - each for only a pound! Who could resist.  We each had a raspberry and white chocolate muffin, couldn't really taste any white chocolate and there was only a measly raspberry in mine - then again it was only a pound so can't complain.

We then went on to have some fish & chips at Marshall's, apparently one of the best in the area - there was a queue for both takeaway and sit-in when we arrived so it must be pretty good. The inside looked like any other average local diner but then again I suppose it's the food that matters most. I don't think we realized just how big the portion sizes were - the guys who stared at our food when it arrived must have thought we were both gluttons! As expected neither of us even finished half of our plates - well at least I finished the fish, Sarah only finished half of it, such a lightweight! ;) 
We should have had what the senior citizens beside us had - theirs was half the size of ours. 
As usual I get this sickly feeling after having fish & chips, probably from all the unhealthy oil and fat - then again it never stops me from doing it all over again!

Headed back into town and to do some shopping at Eldon Square - quite a disappointing shopping day but managed to bag myself a tan-coloured dress from Republic for only 10 pounds! I have a bit of an obsession with browns as boring as they can be, my wardrobe is in serious need of a seasonal makeover.

I had dinner with some friends back from university days at St. Sushi where we ordered a huge platter of sushi to share. The wait was a bit longer than expected, I believe it took almost AN HOUR for it to arrive by when we were all starving and probably finished within 10 minutes when they finally served it. I have previously reviewed this place on Tripadvisor - had a mix of experiences in the past with regard to the service and food. It's an alright place to visit, but if given the choice of other options this would definitely not be at the top of my list (probably a bit more biased because my brother also experienced some rubbish service here). I also think the waitresses need to smile more hehe.

Japanese fried ice-cream

When we had almost finished dinner, Chloe and Sarah made a surprise pop-in entrance with a birthday cake for me! The initial 'plan' was for Jeannie to keep me away in the toilets (???) so they would have time to light it up and surprise me when I came out. But it sort of failed hehe - I still LOVE you guys so much though for making the effort!

I also received more birthday cards and gifts! A lovely Anna Sui perfume from Chloe and Sarah, and a spa weekend voucher from Jeannie, Nicholas and Cathy! Thanks you guys, I LOVE them!

Gift from Chloe & Sarah
Cards from Chloe & Sarah 
Spa Weekend! - Thank you Jean, Nic & Cathy

Had our usual visit to Starbucks (Sarah will not be pleased with this photo hehe) and then had lunch at good ol' Jasmine. Wan Tan Mee - yum.

Sarah has also introduced me to the wonderful world of 'Bakery Story' which I have become a bit obsessed with! For those of you who haven't played it before it looks a bit like this

My business is slowly growing!
Looks like I'm going to become more glued to my Iphone more than ever before - I blame Sarah!

It's been a good weekend on the whole, celebrating my belated birthday and just spending quality time with friends. 

And a final surprise before the weekend ends - my birthday card from Mum and Dad all the way from Malaysia - LOVE you both lots!

Back to work again on Monday after a whole week off! 
Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

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