Monday, 26 March 2012


It's one of my days off from work again as you may have guessed! I utilized my time efficiently (ahem) packed away all my baking utensils and some bits and bobs. I found some 'agar-agar' ingredients (jelly that's made from boiling seaweed - it's really not as bad as it sounds) and decided to make some jelly! Added in some winter melon and grapes for some colour.

To match the weather I opted for my bright yellow Zara puffball skirt. For my hair, I'm currently loving Charles Worthington Front Row - something that I've wanted to try a couple of years ago but never got to it. Currently using the dry shampoo and forever lasting hairspray to give my already voluminous hair that extra boost factor.

I had my last flute lesson with my teacher Hazel - she's one of the loveliest teacher's I've had and I'm definitely going to miss her when I leave. If anyone is interested to learn music, the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama is conveniently located opposite Leeds University  which offers music lessons for beginners to more advanced levels. I'd recommend my teachers Hazel (flute) and Iveta (violin) - they are amazing :)

I met up with Hai Choo and her adorable little son Shern for a late lunch at Dare Cafe in Headingley. I ordered the spinach and ricotta cannelloni with a glass of pineapple juice - lunch meal deal of only 5.95 pounds. I originally wanted to order the vegetarian lasagna but they had run out (how convenient), so I had to settle for this - talk about cheese overload!

A rather unhealthy vegetarian option

We then went to have some coffee at The Heart Cafe down the road. 

Hyper-active Shern :)

Unfortunately we had to cut short our meeting as Shern wasn't feeling too well today - failed to get a pretty picture with him, maybe next time. 

The weather was just too good to head home straight away so I wandered round town to have a browse.
Spotted some cute colour block bags and just couldn't resist taking some happy snaps - this one totally matched my outfit today! There were two others that were also quite attractive - I'm loving colour blocks at the moment.

It was truly hard to resist buying the bag, at least I have some photos as a keepsake. But I did get another pair of GEOX comfort shoes! My feet needed some loving after some leftover sand from the beach that was stuck in my shoes made quite a mess around my heel area that I didn't notice it until I saw a huge blotch of blood when I took it off. I think I was a bit too distracted by the sun to feel the pain on my 30 minute walk to the college before.

Time to catch up on the latest episode of Desperate Housewives x

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