Friday, 16 March 2012


As part of my own little birthday treat to myself I went to have a cut & finish at Renegade Hair Studio. I usually get my hair done when I go home to Malaysia (like ONCE a year) - for the obvious reasons price-wise, but my tresses needed some reshaping and what better excuse than my birthday.
 It was initially supposed to be done by Pete, the guy who did my hair last time but when I got there he had apparently lost his keys and couldn't make it. So I was told to go back at 12noon when someone else was available - during which I went to have a wander round town. Ended up buying a cute vintage-looking denim skirt - UNINTENTIONAL - I blame the hair people. Then again it was only 9.99 pounds - bargain.

My hair was done by Lauren, one of the younger stylists - really sweet girl, very nice and chatty. I loved her blonde curls - it always amazes me how people can actually style their own hair so nicely while I struggle just to blow-dry mine. I did buy a cheap curling tong from Argos intending to make use of it - have not touched it since taking it out of its packaging, so glad I didn't splurge too much on it, only 3.99 pounds - ha! I sort of saw this coming.
Today's haircut cost me 34 pounds (or 37 pounds with a senior stylist) - not too bad compared to other stylists in town that cost over 40 pounds - yes the bargain girl did her homework ;)

Me and Lauren, my stylist
When I got home I got a little surprise in the post - a birthday card from my best friend in the whole wide world Harpreeto! Okay so it's a day late, I know how much she really tries to send my cards in time - believe me this is counted as early by her standards! I just love her to bits, she's one of the rare people that actually fills my cards with lots of meaningful sweetness (apart from mum and dad). I've known her since primary school and meeting her has been one of the best things that have happened in my life. Come to think of it I might even do a blog about our friendship one day - the gears are really turning now!

My birthday card form Harpreet all the way from Canada *hearts*

I can't believe how long it takes me to find something to wear these days - I have SO MUCH clothes in (and outside) my wardrobe but I can't seem to give them up even though most of them I haven't worn in absolute ages! I might even consider having a Carrie Bradshaw moment and ask some friends over to help me clear my wardrobe out someday. As there was not much time left to pack (I actually had the whole week before but I seem to leave packing to the last minute these days) I just grabbed some clothes to last me the weekend - with some space left for shopping of course. 

The train was jam-packed - I thought getting an early train before peak hours was a good idea, but I guess other people had the same idea (why aren't you people at work?!). At least I managed to squeeze myself into a seat - Cross Country train seats are so rubbish and cramped up with extremely tight overhead luggage space. 

While waiting for Chloe & Sarah to finish work I chilled out at the usual Starbucks opposite the station - my usual cappuccino and blueberry muffin (the muffin as a takeaway because I'm too tight to spend a few more cents just for it to be served on a plate! a paperbag will do thank you). Starbucks have apparently started this new trend of writing your name down for each order to make things more personal - she called out latte - I ordered a cappuccino - TWO fails! 

Blogging away
My surprise dinner meal was at Loch Fyne in Jesmond with Chloe, Sarah and Adrian. Had a bit of trouble finding parking but we got there in the end! The four of us shared the Deluxe Platter which was an assortment of seafood, as well as a bowl of french fries and salad on the side. Didn't really fill us up so we ordered some fish and chips. Finished off with some creme brulee and a chocolate tart. Overall a satisfying meal, and a saving of 25%! Don't you just love discount vouchers ;)
As a reviewer I'd give the place 8/10 - good atmosphere, good service, good food. Worth visiting again in future - I absolutely love the twice-cooked chips!

Sebastian!...or rather his sister before Chloe mutilated her

That's pretty much all for today, time to re-energize for the weekend - out and about with the girls tomorrow! x

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