Sunday, 25 March 2012


It's official - the clocks have turned and summer is finally here!
Got up early with short of an hours lack of sleep and manically got ready to catch the train to Scarborough. A rather foggy start to the day again, but that didn't stop this sun worshipper from baring her legs in a short denim skirt when it was 5 degrees celsius in the morning! Met up with Piotr my Polish friend - last minute decision made the day before as we both clearly didn't have much else to do. 
We barely made it onto the train with only a minute to spare because someone forgot to announce the change in platforms! 

We made it!

We got the earliest train on a Sunday where we had to switch trains at York - this is one of the rare occasions where I didn't have my breakfast so I grabbed a hot chocolate from Pumpkin Cafe.

Early morning start
Piotr and his tea!

The weather was still a bit chilly when we arrived but at least there was sunshine and clear blue skies. The seaside was about a 15 minute walk from the station which wasn't too bad. We decided to walk barefooted on the beach - not quite realizing how cold the water was! But that's ok, I think my feet went a bit numb after a while.

Not wanting to ruin my brand new leather GOEX shoes, I brought my spare cheap New Look pumps as a sacrifice! - it had to endure hours of my wet sandy feet. Piotr was kind enough to help me carry my shoes (and later on my jacket) in his backpack and lent me his towel as well - this man clearly has better insight than me!

We had lunch at Winking Willy's - the name still makes me smile when I think of it! We both ordered the Chunky Monkey - monkfish served with chips, salad garnish and tartare sauce, for the price of 9.35 pounds. Not sure why my portion of chips appeared to be double the size of his, but he helped me to finish mine anyway! Service was good as we were attended to promptly by the waiters/waitresses.

Chunky Monkey!

 There's nothing better than a nice cold ice cream on a (not-so-warm) summer's day. I had a strawberry whirl which didn't have much of a strawberry taste to it but wasn't too bad for 1.40.

We had a short laze under the sun as we let the food settle down in our satisfied tummies.

Utilizing his towel again!
We walked up the hill and visited the castle - 4.80 entrance fees for adults, shame we're no longer students. The view from above was gorgeous as we had a good view of Scarborough town and the sea.

Unsurprisingly, we had MORE ice cream - the earlier soft ice cream wasn't quite as satisfying so we optioned for the proper scooped one. I had a double scoop of coconut and sticky toffee crunch which cost 3.00 pounds - amazingly rich and yummy.

I didn't eat them all I swear!
After a few very relaxing hours in the sun we caught the train back to Leeds, a bit tired but happy. Here's hoping the weather stays this way all summer - then again you know what British weather is like.

p.s.: Thank you Piotr for being my kind, patient photographer for the day. If anyone is looking for a gentleman I can introduce you to him - trustworthy recommendation from yours truly! 

Right, I have just a few hours left to list my eBay items for free this weekend!

Lotsa love xoxo


  1. Aww so much stuff to give away for free on eBay? Just a suggestion: I'm not sure what you have exactly to give away, but are they items a shelter/orphanage, etc. may be able to use? Or missions/projects that help support initiatives in developing countries? Or even places that can sell it and earn profit to support local initiatives/the less fortunate? Such as the Salvation Army, etc? xoxo

    1. Oh actually that doesn't mean I'm giving away free items on ebay, how ebay works is that for every item you list on it u have to pay an insertion fee, but they sometimes do 'free listing weekends' which means you don't get charged for it! haha. But I did give away a few bags of old clothes the other day at the local charity shop x