Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Feels a bit strange to be off work on a weekday...not that I'm complaining ;)

Had my daily dose of caffeine at Opposite in Victoria Quarter today - a cup of Mocha, served in a cute paper cup. This is probably my second time having a drink here, it's a small little shop with some stools and tables to sit around, ideal for a quick drink and chat. I've also been to the original Opposite (opposite) Leeds University site (the name speaks for itself). It serves good, affordable fairtrade coffee and snacks - my mocha cost me 2.30 pounds. Modest-looking but good quality stuff.

Sold a couple more items on eBay - trying my best to unload as many things as I can. For those of you who don't know, I am moving soon! Big, exciting news on the horizon but I'll wait a few more days before I publish an official post on it! 

Coming soon...

Spring is the season for...salads! I've re-stocked my tiny fridge with my salad essentials - much more economical making my own than buying ready-made ones. And healthier! 2 months-ish to get fit before the wedding! Ok, don't get too over-excited now, I know it's not MY wedding but looking good is essential! Who knows there may be eligible bachelors lurking around the corner...

Some shops have started their mid-season sales - not ideal if you're looking for key items for the coming spring/summer as most are leftovers from autumn/winter. So many pretty pastels on display in shop windows though! I cringe everytime I see my reflection and notice I'm still stuck on my dull browns - time for a wardrobe makeover soon. I'm still eyeing that scarf in Zara...hmm, not long now till my strong-willed side gives in to temptation.
I did get a cute candy pink and grey striped scarf/snood from the GAP sale - 9.99 pounds. I have a soft spot for pinks and stripes.

On a rather random note, I saw some pigeons savaging an abandoned piece of fried chicken wing on the roadside today - I wonder if they realized that they were eating one of their own feathered friends.

"We'll be watching you..."

Right, I've got some serious packing to do. I think I'm procrastinating a lot these many things to do I don't know where to start!
Hmm...lets watch an episode of New Girl first shall we x

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