Thursday, 22 March 2012


As predicted by BBC Weather (which sometimes lies), the weather today was lovely, exactly what spring should look like. Ditching my dreary clothes, I rummaged for something more vibrant and picked my bright yellow Forever 21 dress to get into the mood.

My bedroom looks a bit like a warzone at the moment as I started packing away most of my clothes - years of shopping have resulted in a rather unhealthy heap of clothes, some with the price tags still attached (oops).
I've also started building up my (not-so) mini pile of clothes which I have labeled as the 'eBay pile' - basically stuff that I'm planning to try auctioning off on eBay. I don't think I'm going to manage to get through the whole pile before I leave, so I may try looking into the car boot sale option later on!

Dropped off a couple of winter coats at Johnsons Cleaners to get them de-germed before I pack them away during the summer months. I was a bit hesitant to leave my lovely Vivienne Westwood coat in the hands of a stranger - they better hand her back to me in pristine condition!

Good times together :)

Being off work is obviously not doing my credit card any good. As all my shopping ventures seldom end with me empty-handed, I bought a pair of GEOX casual comfort shoes - the shoe that breathes! I think mum would be pleased with my decision as she was nagging about me not wearing 'practical shoes' last time. And I only paid a fraction of the original price for it at one of my favourite shopping outlets which you all should know by now ;)
I have really broad feet and wearing my numerous pairs of cheap New Look pumps aren't really doing them any good, so it's important to invest in good quality shoes.
While heading to the cashdesk, I got distracted (as usual) by the dress aisle and picked up a slinky black Michael Kors dress - tried it on and as predicted my credit card got another beating. My excuse: a potential wedding dinner dress? x

Essential tan leather shoes for summer

I popped back into La Bottega Milanese for a quick coffee before I headed back home, this is probably going to be one of my favourite spots in the very short time I have left in Leeds. Today I tried the cappuccino, usually priced at 1.95 but because it was happy hour it was only 1.25 (woohoo!). 

I also packed home a 'Rum baba' which I wanted to try the other day - a yeast cake soaked in rum which also had some nutella filling. 

Random food bargain blurb: Yogurt lovers, if you think 2 for 3.00 pounds is a good offer, Rachel's Organic Yogurts are only a pound each at Morrisons!


Ok, fun-time over, I better get off and practise my violin before Iveta kills me!

If only I looked this enthusiastic all the time!

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