Monday, 19 August 2013


Cicheti for lunch at Polpo, and now tapas for dinner at Barrafina - a Spanish tapas restaurant and bar located on Frith Street in Soho.
One of those places on my list that I just never got around to do, until now.

My entire day's schedule had gone as planned, and we made it in just in time to grab ourselves some seats at the end of the L-shaped marble tapas bar before the massive queue formed behind us along the wall.


The Flower & the Bee 2011 Cote de Gomariz - tasted just as good as it sounds!

Whilst waiting for our food to arrive, I greedily eyed the other customer's food...everything looked and smelt so good - definitely a good sign.


We ordered a Cold Meat Platter to start off. Ham is always a must for me in Spanish places... I could eat this stuff all day!


Razor clams from the Specials menu - succulent and delicious.

The Tuna Tartar wasn't available (Nooo...!), but thankfully its replacement, the Salmon Tartar, tasted amazing. Marinated with deliciously fragrant sesame oil and served with a dollop of creamy avocado puree, it was one of my favourite dishes of the evening.

The Jamon and Spinach Tortilla was probably the tastiest tortilla that I've had so far - served hot and fresh from the pan, it was cooked through with the centre still moist, and slightly runny.


Salt cod a la Romana - desalinated salt cod that is floured and dipped in egg batter and deep-fried until golden...yummy.

Last but not least, you just CAN'T not have croquettes, or rather croquetas - scrumptious deep-fried breaded balls of goodness with super creamy centres...


It's a really fast-moving and lively environment; the chefs working their magic on the stoves whilst the waiters dart around to make sure orders are taken and food gets served promptly.
Great food and prompt service - just remember to get in early if you want to avoid the long queues.

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