Sunday, 11 August 2013


Is it Sunday already?!
Perfect day to post this then...

This little neighbourhood cafe and restaurant is indeed called 'Sunday', located on a Hemingford Road in Islington.

It was a Friday evening, and we hadn't made a reservation beforehand, but thankfully the weather was fine and we were seated in the cosy garden at the back.


Neither of us were experts at wine, so we ordered a bottle of white wine that was recommended to us - Insolia 2012, Case Ibidini.



Our first starter was the Chilli crab, spring onion salad with grapefruit. 
First impressions: a nice, generous portion, and lovely vibrant colours. The freshness of the crab, the sweet-citrus-y flavours of the grapefruit, the creamy slices of avocado, drizzled with light dressing - a great start to a meal.

The second starter we ordered was the Feta beignets, fig salad, beetroot and watercress. 
For those of you, who like me, didn't know what a 'beignet' was, it is basically the French term for a pastry made from deep-fried choux paste - equivalent to the English 'fritter'.
They are traditionally prepared just before being served to be eaten whilst they are fresh and hot - lovely and crisp on the outside and delicious melted feta cheese on the inside.
Loved the combination of the sweet and luscious tastes of the figs and beetroot, and the slight peppery taste of the watercress.

We even found a little friend that dropped from above...

We named him 'Figgymon'

We had read about the salt-and-pepper crispy squid with papaya salad, and were looking forward to tasting it, but unfortunately it wasn't on the menu that evening. We were informed that their menu was dependent on which ingredients were available from their usual local supplier - maybe we will have better luck next time!
Hopefully the ricotta-stuffed courgette flowers will also make another appearance...


The Cod fillet had a a great texture - beautiful flakes of white flesh that went really well with the clams, saffron potatoes, and the slight hint of spiciness from the chorizo.

Lamb fillet, salsa verde, polenta chips and tomato salad - medium rare, with maybe a few parts cooked more well done than the others. The salsa verde added a rustic touch to it.
The polenta chips were a tasty alternative to the usual potato chips - deliciously crispy on the outside and soft and melting on the inside.

I chose the lemon meringue pie with berries - because you know how much I love my pies...
An English classic that was smooth, creamy, and fragrant with lemons, with a really nice pastry base. Although the berries were maybe a a tad bit too much on the sour side for me.

Doughnuts with salted caramel and salted caramel ice cream. 
The doughnuts had a lovely dough texture with a slight chewiness and a crispy outside - fresh, warm, and nicely complimented by the sweet and saltiness of the caramel.
I am so high on sugar these days...

I didn't get to try the Sunday Sundae, but I heard that it was excellent - please feel free to eat it on my behalf.

This little gem, which has been opened for a few weeks now, is open all week except on Mondays - serving brunch during the day all week, and dinner on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I haven't personally tried the brunch menu, but I'm certain (and have been informed by a reliable source) that the food and coffee are just as superb.
*Hint: look out for the Huevos Rancheros*

Great food and value for money - the perfect place for a lazy Sunday, or any other day of the week...just not Monday.

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