Sunday, 4 August 2013


It is rather rare that I get my Friday evenings off - and at the right time as well when the major street food markets were on.
Not wanting to miss out on the best bits, Wilkes suggested that we do a 'Street Food Tour'. Counting down the hours until finish time at 5pm, this hungry bunny hurriedly made her way to our first stop - Red Market near Old Street. 


I ordered a Duck Confit on brioche from The Frenchie (@thefrenchieuk). Shredded duck confit leg, crispy duck skin scratchings (!), caramelised red onion chutney with rocket and mustard - delicious.
Besides Red Market, you can also find them at Camden Lock and Brick Lane Sundays.



Next were some soft shell crab burgers from The Crabbieshack (@Crabbieshack). Less filling than your usual burger, but tasty nonetheless.




We were lucky enough to get a lift to our next destination - Street Feast London at Dalson Yard.



Also a place where our four-legged friends make new friends!

Had THE best octopus curry from Vinn Goute Team (@VinnGoute), a family run street food trader serving Seychelles inspired street food.
Their VINN GOUTE sign and bright yellow stall is very distinctive, so you definitely won't (and should not) miss them!

Next I had a couple of Korean tacos from Kimchinary (@kimchinary) -  one of each since both sounded (and looked) so good! And tasted even better!

Third and final stop for the night - KERB does Peckham!

Got a taste of Kooky Bakes' (@KookyBakes) caramel dossant - their version of the croissant+donut.

As you may have noticed, the quality of my pictures slowly deteriorates as the sun starts to set. Unfortunately my iPad fails miserably under low lighting...I'll have to persuade dad into getting me a new camera teehee ;) 

Our street food journey continued the next day...

Scheduled to work an early morning shift at 7am on a Saturday (rubbish shift but thankfully very rare), I wasted no time to clock out at 1pm sharp to head to KERB Saturdays at Granary Square.

The word 'lobster' seems to always catch my eye, so I went for the lobster roll from the Market Gourmet (@Market_Gourmet) stall. 

Once again, I had some food from Vinn Goute...because it was that awesome!
Went for 'Steve's Special Box' - definitely HIGHLY recommended ;)

Sweet and refreshing ice lollies from Ice Kitchen (@TheIceKitchen) after tasting Ribman's (unnamed) hot sauce! Obviously didn't break out in a sweat - I was trained well from birth haha.
I had the French Twist which had frozen chunks of raspberries in them.
Apologies for the half-eaten ice lolly, I got overexcited...

Gourmet Artisan Lollies with an interesting combination of flavours - definitely worth checking out.

So that pretty much rounds up my street food 'tour'! It's a shame that I missed out on Truck Stop at Wood Wharf. Based on the photos and reviews it looks like it went fantastically well!
Ah well, always next time. 
It was my first time visiting all these different markets...but certainly not my last. 
So much good food consumed...could have totally eaten more. *Consciously rubs my 'food baby'*. Hmm...maybe not such a good idea.

Watch this space for more foodie adventures!

Anddd...that's a wrap!


Oops...wrong one!
...that was one tasty wrap though! 

The Cheekster, signing off x


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  1. excellent Post!!! Vinn Goute Does Exotic Fish Wrap this Friday at Dalston Yard.. Get in!!!