Friday, 9 August 2013


For one night only, on Thursday 8th August, Street Kitchen took over Disco Bistro N1C - serving up their awesome Burgerdogs!
The combination of two favourite grilled foods: the hamburger and the hotdog - oh yes...


The three of us ordered one of each item from the menu to share - sharing is caring as they say...and we each got to try a bit of everything!



We lined up the Burgerdogs in the correct order as on the menu so that we figure out which we liked best - my personal favourite was the Heinz 57. 
It had a juicy slice of slow pork belly, and being Asian it's obvious how much I love pork belly... 
I'm pretty sure we must have used up the entire box of napkins whilst in the process of dividing and eating the Burgerdogs...
The skin on chips were really tasty and crispy, hard to resist munching on them continuously in between my mouthfuls of burgerdogs...
 This is why you should NEVER put sharing bowls in front of me...  
Hopefully there was enough for the others!


And to finish off, some ice lollies made by The Ice Kitchen!


 You can also sample Street Kitchen's full hot dog menu at The Miller, Bermondsey.

 Afterwards, Wilkes and I headed on to our second destination - Jubo that just opened at the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch.





Steak 'Bulgogi' Sub & Roll

Hot & sweet Korean fried chicken strips
Soy garlic Korean fried chicken wings


Steamed buns with slow-cooked pork belly

Steamed bun with flat portobello and shiitake mushrooms

My favourite was definitely their speciality dish, which was the Korean fried chicken - so crunchy on the outside, yet so moist and juicy on the inside. A little bit more of a spicy-kick to it and I would have been in love.
If I wasn't already half-full from the first round of food I could have eaten more!

A pretty chilled and relaxed atmosphere on opening day. Diego Salazar, one of the shareholders, came over to our table and gave us a bit of an insight as to how they started off Jubo.
 And it was also nice to bump into some familiar faces - Kimchinary, GalbiBros, and the lovely duo from Bahn Mi.

Their 28% off food promotion runs until 22nd August - so get down there whilst you can!
I'm not quite sure what the number 28 symbolizes...but I'm guessing it must be some auspicious Korean number!

Off to find more food to eat! - my brain can't function properly without it...

The Cheekster, signing off x


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