Tuesday, 6 August 2013


After weeks of anticipation, I finally attended my first supperclub! - hosted by The Backdoor Kitchen (kick-started by the amazing duo Rob and Fabio), and sponsored by Aperol Spritz UK & Campari.
Held in SALON, above the British charcuterie seller Cannon and Cannon in Market Row, their first pop-up series consisted of two different slots - Brunch and the Italian Aperitivo.

With the map and directions in hand, I made my first trip down to Brixton, not really knowing what to expect...
 For some reason I haven't really ventured down south that often, but nonetheless, I went with an open mind.
Once again my bad sense of direction led us looking like two lost Asian girls (which we obviously were), standing on the side of the street trying to identify the location on Google maps...

We did eventually find our way there, passing by some other really hip and cool places on the way. Lots of open barbecues going on around the area as well.


Checking out the charcuterie whilst waiting for doors to open
When it was time, we were shown up a narrow set of stairs which led to the SALON...



It was a rather cool and casual atmosphere, and passerby's were welcome to pop in for the Italian Aperitivo from 1pm onwards.


We started off with our complimentary cocktails. I went for the Aperol Robs (BDK's latest invention: egg white, fresh grapefruit, mint leaves, brown sugar, iced cold Aperol) whilst Wendy went for the Shakerato All-ananasso (ice cold Aperol mixed with Vodka, lime, brown sugar and pineapple juice) - both exclusively created for the event.
Absolutely loved the sweet minty flavour of mine...could have downed a few more glasses!


The first dish was Conchiglie Ripiene - oven baked shells stuffed scallop coated in breadcrumb, parsley, black pepper, pecorino cheese, egg white, all topped with mussel and prawn sauteed in wine, oil and garlic.
Just reading out the description makes you drool with anticipation doesn't it?
And it looked so delectably delicious served on a plate.
So fresh and tasty - I especially loved the tantalizing, big juicy scallop that was hidden under the breadcrumbs.
All that was missing was a warm, sunny beach - we would have been sorted then! 
Oh, and some Baywatch beach-boy eye-candy would be a nice addition to it as well...


The second course was Cannelloni del Salone - canelloni pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta/seabass and ricotta with sweet pepper cream/sauteed mushroom. 
Melted ricotta cheese...so smooth and rich...*discreetly wipes drool off*.
Both were equally good, it was hard to choose which I liked better!

The third course was Grigliatina alla Zafferano - grilled chicken breasts marinated in paprika, garlic, black pepper, topped with saffron and pecorino cream served on a bed of caramelised onion, pinenut and sultana.
Nicely marinated chicken and I really liked the saffron and pecorino cream.
An interesting combination of the sweetness from the caramelised onions and sultanas, with the savoury chicken and sauce.


The fourth and final course was the 'Secret Dessert'. Apparently it's a tradition that the description of the dessert has always been kept a secret, and only revealed on the day itself - even my (usually fool-proof) powers of persuasion had let me down!
Sponge fingers soaked in Aperol and covered in a generous amount of SUPER creamy mascarpone cheese - a seriously indulgent (and naughty!) finish to the meal.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay on for the Italian Aperitivo, as much as I was tempted to take up on the offer...
I suppose I will just have to browse with envy at the Aperitivo photos posted - if only photos were edible!


 Thank you to the amazing team at Backdoor Salon for making my first supperclub experience a truly satisfying and memorable one.
Looking forward to next time already x

The Cheekster (a.k.a. ChubbyBunny), signing off x

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