Sunday, 18 August 2013


I've previously been to the Soho branch, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I had no doubt that the Covent Garden branch would be just as good - it was also conveniently located to St Paul's Church which was our next stop for Alice in Wonderland!



We ordered a few dishes to share, including this cute little Cicheti plate which we could sample a little bit of everything.
I've had a love for cicheti ever since my first visit to Venice - exploring the quiet streets and doing a little 'tour' around the Osterie/Bacari.


My hungry eyes are always on the look-out for there was no doubt that I would order the Mackerel tartare. There was a nice touch of heat from the horseradish, and loved the crispiness of the carta di musica (thin sheets of unleavened bread).

We ordered the garlic prawns from the Specials menu board. 
Very tasty - garlic prawns are always a must if they are available on the menu.


Veal and porcini meatballs - great flavour and texture, served with a generous portion of tomato-based sauce.

Our final dish was the warm calamari, parsley and radish salad - a nice change from the deep-fried calamari that I usually order.

Another very satisfying lunch at Polpo - one of my favourite places on my foodie list.
If you're looking for a little Venetian-style bacaro in London that serves humble and simple yet good-tasting food, this is the place to be. 

Square Meal

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