Friday, 23 August 2013


A bit late posting this up, but better late than never - especially since the food was really good!

The brother and I had dinner at Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack - "A seaside restaurant in the city..."
Coming from an island...anything involving seafood is right up my street!


Dressed Paignton Crab Tian, Slow Roast Tomato, Cucumber, Pickled Apple. 

I do love crab...even more so when I don't have to get down and dirty trying to pry the shells open - I usually left that job to dad.


Soused Isle of Man Queenies, Orange, Lime, Spring Onion, Chilli, Coriander.

Initially unfamiliar with the term 'queenies', I later found out were Queen Scallops - a smaller scallop species than the usual King scallops that I'm more used to.
So fresh and juicy - I happily nibbled away and savoured every single bite.


Half Native Scottish Lobster, Grillade Butter, Skinny Fries, Mesclun Salad.

Yes, the love for lobster continues...
I did a Google search on 'Native Lobster' and the first result was a profile of 'Winkie' who was saved from the cooking pot and now resides at the Great Yarmouth SEA LIFE.
I guess this lobster wasn't as fortunate as Winkie!


Cornish Hake, Summer Vegetables, Courgette Puree, Beer Battered Courgette Flower, Courgette Ribbons.

Delicious white flaky texture with a nice crisp skin - and having the courgette flower on the side was a definite plus for me.




Cherry & Sauternes Soup, Cherries, Fresh Almonds, Cherry Ice Cream.


Bakewell Tart, Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream, Raspberries. 

Both desserts equally good - a sweet end to an excellent meal.

A delightful little seafood shack in the bustling city of London - definitely a must for seafood lovers.

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