Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Free tickets to Hard Rock Calling 2013
This year held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. It was actually my second time going to a festival (first time was last year when I went to V Festival after winning a pair of camping tickets!), but this time I decided to make the most of the experience, with Mei taking the lead! So good to meet up with Mei after so long.
We arrived at the venue just before the gates opened at 12noon - which didn't even open on time FYI...


Upon entering then vicinity, we sat ourselves on a picnic bench under the sun and munched away in our snacks that we brought along - we equipped ourselves to avoid queuing up and paying extortionate prices for (unhealthy, greasy) food from the endless array of fast food trucks. 

We did grab some Mr Whippy though after as it seemed like the right thing to do on a hot and sunny Saturday.

The first performance started at 1.00pm and we hung around for a bit to watch Yellowire that was performing at the Hard Rock Rising stage.

Also popped by the the neighbouring tent, but the music was not  much to our personal tastes so we moved on. 

We crossed over the bridge and headed towards the main stage - best to get a space at the front before the crowd arrived! It was about 2pm though, so you can estimate how many hours we we there for...

First up was The Weeks, an indie rock band that hailed all the way from Jackson, Mississippi. They're southern accent somehow reminded me about Trueblood...

We stayed grounded in our spot thought the day watching the entire line-up at the Main Stage - each performance lasted about half an hour with a 30-40 minute break in between, so we didn't get bored for too long.

Here's the rest of the bands that performed...

Lower than Atlantis - so much swearing...trying too hard to be cool?

Kodaline - Dublin-based Irish alternative rock quartet

Twin Atlantic - alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland

Miles Kane

The last couple of performances lasted much longer; Paul Wheller came on for about an hour, though the crowd weren't quite as hyped up as during the performance by Miles Kane before.


And then the time drew closer to the final act of the night, Kasabian - the whole stage was stripped and redone in preparation for the much awaited finale.
We continued munching away on our emergency food supplies...

Drunk, smelly people starting pushing in, but we continued to stand our ground to avoid losing our spots that we had been waiting at for the entire day!
There was absolute chaos when Kasabian finally came on stage...


 We did well staying on for more than half of their performance - leaving a bit earlier so that we could catch the tube home and beat the queues.
We were given a hand to get over the front barriers as there didn't seem to be any other possible way to get out.
Pushed and shoved about by fat beer bellies, hair drenched with some disgusting beer concoction, smelling of sweat...definitely needed a good shower.

Overall, a fun and interesting experience - a good leg/foot massage would feel just about right now.

The Cheekster, signing off x

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