Sunday, 21 July 2013


Second visit, this time with the big brother!
We sat indoors, on the upper floor - much cooler and calmer.




Was undecided as to which cocktail to order, so the nice waitress offered me a little taster of the Sloe & Sour that she recommended.
After much deliberation, I decided to go for the Sloe & Sour, whilst my brother went for the Hefty Japanese Mac. 

I was about to order the Crispy chicken shards for my brother to try, but was unfortunately informed by the waiter that they weren't serving it that day (Nooo...!)


We settled for the Bangkok-Scotch Egg on Pickled Cucumber Salad. The outer layer coated in breadcrumbs consisted of minced chicken thigh meat mixed with lime leaf, coriander, mint, lemon grass, chilli and ginger, and wrapped around a nice soft-boiled egg in the centre.
I've haven't eaten many Scotch eggs in the past, but this was tasty and flavourful with a nice hint of heat from the chillis.


Harissa Hot Wings - the one dish that I wanted to try since my last visit. 
Baked chilli chicken wings served with caramelised orange wedges, coriander and minty yoghurt dressing. 
I really love spicy food and get rather disappointed when the dishes that are claimed to be 'spicy' fall below my personal standards...
Thankfully, this dish just about hit the right level of spiciness, and the meat was nice and tender and well-marinated.


I remember being recommended this dish from my last visit, so I decided to give it a go. 
Supreme Pancetta and Clams - pan-fried chicken breast in natural jus with pebble potatoes, peas, artichoke hearts, summer lettuce, crispy pancetta and clams.
After reading the description which sounded really tempting, I was a bit let down by the dish itself. Going for chicken breast is always a bit of a gamble as it can sometimes turn out quite dry, which was how I felt about this dish. The chicken breast could also have done with a bit more flavour/marinating as it didn't quite penetrate the inside.
The jus itself was quite tasty, just maybe a bit borderline on saltiness.


My brother ordered the Light Chicken & Langoustine Pie - butter puff pastry atop chunky roasted chicken, langoustine, samphire, celery and fennel in light béchamel.
His dish looked more interesting than mine, I was tempted to swap mine with his... - He didn't obviously (meanie), but did let me have a few mouthfuls (brotherly duties and all that...)
The pastry was light and crispy, sitting atop the deliciously creamy mix beneath.
He did comment that it was a bit salty, I think we've had this issue with some other dishes...
Otherwise, it was a pretty good dish, and the presentation fun and quirky.



For dessert, we ordered Today's Brownie & Ice Cream, and the Aromatic Passionfruit Tart.
Sweet and simple, but not quite as good as the last dessert I had before which was the Tipsy Trifle.

May be down to personal tastes, but worth popping by for a casual meal to find out for yourselves.
I'd definitely recommend the Harissa Hot Hotwings.

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