Sunday, 7 July 2013


The much anticipated wait for the arrival of London's first Shake Shack was finally over, opening its doors on the 5th of July at Covent Garden Piazza - just a day after Five Guys, a five minute walk away! 
The original Shake Shack was opened by Danny Meyer in New York in 2004, and almost a decade later, has now landed on good ol' British soil.

It's been quite a while since I last had a burger - my last one was probably at Chuck's when I was in Canada in May. 
Okay, maybe it hasn't been that long, but the thought of biting into a juicy burger once again was tempting enough to lure me out on a Friday morning to line up for the official opening in Covent Garden.
 I arrived about 20 minutes before it was scheduled to open at 10am, and there was already a queue of about 15 people ahead of me! Sort of expected.

Whilst waiting in line, we were handed some coffee and donuts custard, as well as some freebie sunglasses and wristbands.


Menus were handed out as the time drew closer...



A ten second countdown..and we were finally let in as the staff at the counters started working like clock-work, taking orders from famished customers.
I had a bit of a glitch as the girl serving me was having some 'technical' issues with the till.
I ordered the Shake Stack and the custard of the day which was Caramel Peach. 
Avoided the temptation of ordering the Cheese Fries - though I think my custard was equally as sinful...
They serve different custards on each day of the week, for those of you looking for a bit of a sugar rush.
Local ingredient sources for their desserts include St. JOHN Bakery and Paul A Young.

I was given a sort of alarm handset with my receipt and went to find a seat for myself as I (im)patiently waited for my order to be ready...


More than 10 minutes passed, and I started staring incessantly at my buzzer...starting to doubt if it was functioning. I glanced around at the customers that were after me who were already diving into their burgers and fries!
Moments from me giving it a good shake (!), it eventually lit up and I headed to the side counter to pick up my first meal of the day.



That burger and custard just has 'EAT ME' written all over it... 
The first bite was enough to convince me that this was worth the wait.
The squidgy but firm Martin's potato roll bun, fresh lettuce and tomato, deep-fried portobello mushroom, juicy beef (100% Scottish Aberdeen Angus beef) smothered with melted cheese and Shack sauce...I could hear my tummy rumble with satisfaction. 

Not quite the healthiest start to the day...and something that I'll definitely NOT be mentioning when giving diet advice to patients...
At least I was fueled up and ready for my long work shift ahead.

There's undoubtedly going to be massive happens with most new places. So if you're intending to join in the craze, get there early.

Have an indulgent weekend!

ps: you may be able to spot greedy me in some of the photos from Eater (!)

Square Meal

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