Sunday, 14 July 2013


Grain Store - an exciting new restaurant from Bruno Loubet an the Zetter Group that opened in June - located on Granary Square, overlooking the Regent's Canal.

Complimentary bread

We went for the 5-course surprise menu. Well, I say 'surprise', but really I had a rough idea on what was going to be served - thanks to all my online food-stalking!

First to be served was the mushroom croquettes served on a bed of pie needles on a tree bark, with an acorn on the side -  how very rustic! The mushrooms were perfectly fried, I could have easily eaten a few more of them. Was also tempted to ask if I could take the acorn home...

The other dish was a portion of radishes in a ceramic plant pot, served with a cashew and yeast dip and 'olive soil', which was basically dried olives - rolled it about to scoop it up generously before munching away like a rabbit. The two slices of rye bread were spread with a seaweed butter and topped with oyster leaves - it's given name probably due to it's slight salty taste that highly resembles oysters.
At first sight it looked like it was sprouting out of the bread...
Hmm maybe I should try experimenting growing little flora on bread sometime...or mould more likely.

A rather intriguing first course to start with.

Cauliflower couscous with padron peppers and little lumps of sauce (can't remember what it was but it tasted good!). A nice twist on the traditional couscous!
The cured salmon with slices of peaches and watermelon was really light and refreshing.

The next dish was melted cheese on little portions of leek - a vegetable version of the Welsh rarebit. And on the side some tasty ground walnut paste encased in the shell.
The other half was a mix of grains, chopped cabbage and Chanterelle mushrooms.

The tamale with slices of pork belly was really good - pork was tender and the corn-based tamale flavourful.
I was really hoping for pigeon, and it was thankfully included in the 5-course menu! 
I did inquire beforehand if there were any pigeon dishes being served that day - the lovely waitress slipped us a sneaky hint which made me grin with excitement.
The slices of pigeon were nice and pink in the middle, served with nicely roasted potatoes and some slaw on the side.


The dessert was coconut sago, served with either peach or plum, I can't really remember as I was busy indulging in the rich creamy goodness...

We were surprisingly quite full after the meal - I was initially feeling a bit greedy and ambitious and wanted to order some extras on the side. Thankfully we didn't.
Skillfully prepared food that appeals both to eyes and taste buds - definitely a place that I'd visit again when I'm in the area.

Square Meal

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