Thursday, 4 July 2013


When the brother is in town...the hungry duo hunt food down...

Back to Frith Street in Soho to try out Ceviche, a Peruvian kitchen. I don't think I've had Peruvian cuisine it was a whole new experience for me.
We entered through the bar area, (didn't think the building was that long inside!) before being seated at a high-chaired table at the far end of the dining room. 


We ordered some drinks to start - I was recommended the Pisco Sour (Ceviche's signature cocktail consisting of Pisco Quebranta, lime, sugar syrup, egg white and Peruvian Chuncho bitters), whilst as usual, the brother went for the non-alcoholic option of a La Libertad (watermelon juice mixed with dill and lime juice).

First to be served was the Don Ceviche - fresh seabass ceviche in amorillo chilli tiger's milk, limo chilli, sweet potato and red onions. 
Love seabass, but have never eaten it raw...amazingly thin slices of fresh seabass soaked in the zesty, citrus juices...
An explosion of flavour in every mouthful, it was like love at first bite.
Leche de tigre, a citrus based marinade, is also apparently believed to be a cure for a hangover as well as an aphrodisiac...interesting...*takes a mental note*.

Cheese and chard tequenos - wanton fritters filled with cheese, chard and Botija olives.
Super crispy wanton skins filled with melting cheesy goodness...great little nibbles.


Arroz con pato - confit duck in coriander and dark beer rice with amorillo chilli and choclo corn.
Probably my (and my brother's!) favourite dish of the evening - siblings with similar tastes.
The duck meat was really tender, and the crunchiness of the skin (and fat!) was absolutely divine. I was secretly eying the last bit of skin left on the brother's plate, but he was obviously keeping a close watch on it - drats, should have appeared less interested and discreet!

Lomo Saltado - beef fillet, slices, flame cooked with red onions, tomatoes, and proper chips. 
A 'must-have', according to our waiter.
The beef was well cooked, with a very appealing pinkish middle.

Pulpo y Chorizo - marinated and braised octopus and chorizo skewer, with a samphire and black quinoa salad. Samphire...ah yes, first taste of it at 10 Greek Street - food seems to be improving my memory! Well, sort of.
Delicious chunks of chorizo and octopus on two individual skewers - no siblings fighting over food here.

We ordered two different desserts to share - Lucuma cheesecake and Encanelado de Pisco. I say 'share'...but really the spirit-soaked cinnamon sponge with dulce de leche ice cream was so good that it didn't last long on the plate - the brother had to viciously dive in with his fork as his little sister was shoving mouthfuls of it in her mouth.
The cheesecake was equally as good (okay, maybe a bit less superior than mine!) - I especially liked the pecan nut base.

Overall good service and flavourful dishes that excite the taste-buds. Although the neighbouring table may have been a tad bit too close for personal comfort...

Centrally located in the heart of Soho, it's a pretty decent place to pop in for a drink, and some small plates if you're feeling like a nibble.

I have a mental list of places to try in the next couple of days...bring on the weekend!

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