Sunday, 7 July 2013


The successful ramen bar Shoryu, currently located just a stone's throw away from Piccadilly Circus, continues to spread ramen goodness in London!
The Shoryu Pop-Up, which is open until July, will be serving their favourite as well as signature dishes. 
And even better news...
During their soft and grand opening period 5th - 19th July, ALL their ramen dishes at Shoryu Soho are priced at only £5...FIVE POUNDS! That's more than 50% off some of their dishes - bargain!

So here's some photos from my last visit...

We both ordered the matcha latte - a bit tasteless, even for someone like me who doesn't take extra sugar in my drinks. Lili who had more of a sweet tooth asked for some sugar to sweeten it up.


Tezukuri Smoked Salmon Okura Rolls - isle of ewe smoked salmon and ikura wrapped okura with sweet vinegar and yuzu dressing. 
It's been a while since I've eaten okra, or 'lady's fingers' as we call it back home! Tasty AND high in fibre, vitamin C, folate and antioxidant properties - definitely one of my favourite vegetables. Also enjoyed popping the little bits of fish roe.

Ordered 3 pieces of the pork Gyoza Dumplings - a bit smaller than expected, but good nonetheless.

Hakata Chilled Reimen

Fire & Ice Salmon Tsukemen

I ordered the Fire & Ice Salmon Tsukemen whilst Lili ordered the Hakata Chilled Reimen. 
Mine was cold ramen that came served with a warm wasabi-tonkotsu dipping sauce - absolutely delicious, rich sauce with a slight hint of heat from the wasabi. And more smoked salmon, mmm...

A very satisfying and economical lunch - well worth a visit whilst the offer is still on!
And even after, if you're a ramen lover like myself...


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