Thursday, 25 July 2013


Casse-Croute, a small little French bistro recently opened by Hervé Durochat, on Bermondsey Street.
Ditching my ballet and jazz shoes on another beautiful Monday morning, I was eager to check out what this new place had to offer. 


It was pretty early when I arrived - skipped breakfast so that I could save space in my tummy...
(bashfully acknowledges the disapproving frowns that breakfast is the most important meal of the day...). Oh wait, I had two Oreos...I'm sure that counts?
 I popped my head into the empty restaurant and double-checked that they were open before seating myself at the little corner by the window. It was too hot to sit outside, but at least I could still people-watch from where I was; watching curious passerby's peering through the windows every now and then. 


I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc whilst I perused the menu du jour on the wall; with some French radio channel playing in the background. 


The lovely lady (forgot to ask her name!) kindly talked me through the menu and explained each dish - my poor French has unfortunately deteriorated over the years!


Considering that it was a hot summers day, I went for the Seabass marine as my starter - well marinated and very light and refreshing.


 Braised lamb belly with aubergine caviar. Not very summer-y and possibly not the ideal dish to have on such a hot day...but it's just something about lamb dishes that makes me salivate and go tingly inside... I think I may have caught the lamb addiction bug from Lili.
I did double-check beforehand if it would be very 'fatty' (trying to 'watch the figure' and all that...NOT), but fortunately it wasn't. The meat was really tender and in the middle was a luscious blend of pureed herbs. The sauce was rich and creamy and I was even given a basket of bread to 'clean-up' the plate after - because it was that amazing! 
After all, good food should not go to waste...


For dessert - Pêche rôtie, sable Breton, crème fraîche. I was told that it was very French, basically consisted of a classic French cookie, a roasted peach and some soured cream. Not too sweet and quite tasty.

And had a shot of espresso after.

I'd spotted a familiar face in between whilst other diners were streaming in, before I realized that it was Wilkes (aka Wilkes888) - the photo snapping of food was probably the giveaway sign!
So I stayed on to nibble on some cheese and had a nice glass of Pression draught beer.

Here's a few more photos...



Spanking new slicer

With only 20 covers, it's one of the smallest restaurants in London -  a charming little addition to the extremely busy Bermondsey Street. And located just opposite José, you will now definitely be even more spoilt for choice.
Just don't forget to make a reservation in advance to avoid unnecessary disappointment, especially during peak hours (overheard someone already making a booking for August!). 

The Cheekster, signing off x

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