Friday, 4 January 2013


It's been a short but rather tiring week at work – having two early 6am morning starts and coming back to colleague issues after my holidays was definitely not what I was looking forward to.

A week since the new year started and my healthy or rather healthier eating plan is so far going according to planned – I've finally started bringing my own lunch/dinner to work for a start!
And been meat-free since the 1st! - oh wait, I think there were some bacon bits in my soup yesterday (drats!)
Not that I'm thinking of going veggie, there are still too many burger/steak joints out there to explore! 
Look at those babies...


I've also tried to avoid stocking up on naughty foods – just yesterday I had a sugar craving and I realized I no longer had an emergency chocolate stash (Nooo...).

As part of my spring (or mid-winter?) cleaning I've donated a few more bags of clothes to the charity shop down the road – I hope they find a better home instead of being tucked away in my over-crowded wardrobe. Some older items were not so lucky and were instead thrown into the bin. Being easily emotionally-attached, I quickly threw each item into the bag so that they were quickly out of sight – including an old cardigan that I've had for over 7-8 years, oh the pain...

Good news is that my weekend is finally here again.

There's a few minutes left til midnight, therefore I am still entitled to say...



Have a great weekend everyone. 
Good night x

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