Sunday, 13 January 2013


After a really horrible week I am starting to pick myself up again.
For a start, after almost 4 months out of the gym I am finally back in the game - starting with a buddy workout with my cousin. 
Probably going to feel a bit sore in the morning.

Today was also the day that I had booked a pair of tickets for Les Miserables over a month ago at BFI IMAX - biggest screen in Britain! 
Complimentary popcorn and bottled water as well, not bad.
Thank you American Express.
Watching movies in a regular cinema will never be the same again.
After being stood up (again) and almost having to go on my own, my lovely girl Dora was sweet enough to accompany me.

One word - AMAZING.
Not forgetting the amusing random fart in the crowd before the start of the movie.
For me I didn't feel a single dull moment throughout the film. At times I also had to hold back my tears, not wanting to look like one of those emotional movie-goers sniffling away - besides, a mascara-smeared face is also not a very flattering look!
Les Miserables definitely deserves the eight Oscar nominations - and will hopefully be successful in getting the awards. 
The songs are going to be stuck in my head for a while - my dad who has also been struck by the Les Mis fever has been constantly singing the songs during our Skype sessions. 

Later on, we met up with Stacey to have dinner at Baltic Restaurant and Bar in Southwark - our first reunion in 2013!
We each had a glass of late harvest wine, and ordered fish for our mains - cod, hake and mackerel, the lighter and healthier option! To make-up for the sneaky calories in the alcohol and dessert!
It was really great to catch up after the holidays as we filled each other in with what's been happening in our lives. My story unfortunately rather depressing, but I'm really glad that I still have the love and support from those who genuinely care about me.


My heart and mind has been rather unsettled, but I know that in time I will be enlightened.
Whilst reflecting back, one word of advice that I was given started to make sense to me. 
That I was only getting the leftover crumbs instead of the full biscuit. 
Never ever in my life had I ever met someone who seemed so confident, suddenly become such a coward - without even the guts to come face to face with me, but instead went back cowering into an empty shell.
And it made me realize that I deserved better and was worth so much more.
After all, there is no point crying over spilled milk - especially if it has gone sour.
Anyway, it's past midnight now.

I'll be dreaming of Eddie Redmayne tonight ha x

Good night x

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