Sunday, 27 January 2013


First things first...I've recovered from my little bout of food poisoning!

Spent the morning Skype-ing with the parents before heading out to meet Lili.
With Lili's perseverance, she managed to get us into Savoy Grill at the last minute so that we could try Gordon Ramsey's Help for Heroes menu promotion which was ending this weekend - the lovely lady opened up the bar table for us, which was a bit smaller but just big enough for us two petite Asian girls ha.
We also got a nice view of the dining area from our little private corner.


Our table was waited on by two of the loveliest and sweetest waiters ever - I especially loved the cute Spanish Francisco with his geeky glasses!
We each had a glass of Reisling Framingham which was recommended by the waiter.


Pumpkin soup with toasted hazelnuts and smoked bacon

Breaded turkey escalope with Parma ham, garlic butter and winter leaf salad

Prune and Armagnac tart with toasted almond and amaretto ice cream

After spending a good 3 hours eating and chatting away, the cute Francisco gave us some complimentary pastries (that we gobbled up before I remembered to take a photo).
Surprisingly, he then offered to give us both a tour of the kitchen!
Apparently one of the chefs looked like Lili - and they DID actually look quite similar, especially the eyes!
He introduced us to the chefs, showed us the different areas in the kitchen and a brief view of the Chef's table - oh how I'd love to dine in there one day!

And if today's experience wasn't good enough...we are actually going to be back at Savoy Grill tomorrow (Okay, actually a few hours later today since it's past midnight now)
AND, we are once again going to be waited on by Francisco! Now that's going to be my highlight of the day.

That's now the second Gordon Ramsey restaurant ticked off my list, I'm on a roll!

After lunch we just wandered round Covent Garden...and did a bit of shopping.


I was still kind of full from lunch, but still managed to devour my Thai dinner later in the evening!


Isn't that just the prettiest cocktail ever...x

It's been a real good foodie day...time to rest now and re-energize for another day.

Sweet dreams x

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  1. You guys are too cute and the food looks delish!!!!;))