Saturday, 5 January 2013


After over a month of waiting, my booking for brunch at Hilton London Canary Wharf was finally due. I think there were hundreds like me who grabbed the voucher offer way back in October, hence the long wait for an available space.
Someone had PPK-ed me at the last minute but I was fortunate enough that lovely Lili was available to accompany me for the day!
We arrived early, and whilst waiting to be seated I noticed that everyone else had a similar voucher in their hands - fellow bargain hunters!
Each person is entitled to Sunday Brunch, including any dish from the a la carte menu, all Breakfast Bar items and a Bellini or Bloody Mary.

We started off with the full English breakfast buffet...

Sweet Lili :)
Happy me :)

And then had some sweet treats... 

Before we over-stuffed ourselves, we remembered to place our orders from the a la carte menu!  

Pan-fried seabass
Tandoori scallops

I then had my last helping from the buffet - sliced meat, cheese, smoked salmon and some veg.


We spent a good 2 hours eating and chatting away.
The meal was definitely worth the wait after all.

After the heavy but very satisfying meal, we wandered about the shops to hunt for some sale bargains!
 I haven't really been in the mood to shop the in-store sales - I cheekily did most of my shopping online this year on Christmas Eve/Day. A much more relaxing alternative without having to battle the hoards of annoying shoppers/tourists.
I did however find a nice pair of trousers and a sweater from Zara today that I just could not resist. Good work clothes are always a necessity.

For dinner, we ended up in Taro on Brewer Street. Nothing beats a good bowl of ramen mmm...

It's been a long day and I'm glad to be back on my cosy bed.
Not quite decided on what I'm going to do tomorrow - the Jubilee line is part-suspended AGAIN...good grief.

Anyway, here's to more weekend love x



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  1. the food looks good! you're making me hungry ;)